Stalking Civil Protection Order Cases: R.C. 2903.214

Stalking Civil Protection Order cases are heard in front of the magistrate Monday through Thursday beginning at 8:30 a.m. and on Friday beginning at 10:00 a.m. Persons desiring to file such cases should consult with the Clerk of Courts, Room 315 (946-5635), Hamilton County Courthouse.

All parties and witnesses to a matter set for final hearing shall be in the courtroom at the time set forth in the notice. Failure of the petitioner (the person who filed) to attend the final hearing will result in dismissal of the action. If you intend to use audio or video tapes as evidence, make arrangements with the court in advance of the hearing date.

The trial of the matter will proceed like any other civil case. Attorneys representing parties will be expected to enter their appearance via a "Notification Form" provided by the Clerk of Courts. Courtroom decorum will be expected of all parties and witnesses.

Should your case be called for final hearing and you wish a continuance to obtain counsel, please inform the magistrate immediately.

Continuances of final hearings will not be permitted over the phone and will be considered by the court upon filing of a proper motion.

Service of Process:

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will attempt to serve your Petition for Civil Stalking Protection Order at the address listed in the petition. On the date and time of the final hearing, the Magistrate will ascertain whether or not service has been perfected by the Sheriff. If it has not, your case will be continued to enable further service by Sheriff and/or mail. Keep in mind, that if the Sheriff reports to the court that the person has moved or doesn’t live at the address listed in the petition, service will have to be started again at another address.

Pending Criminal Cases:

Often, the events set forth in the petition have also resulted in criminal charges being filed against one or more people involved in the trial of the civil stalking protection order case. It is the policy of the Magistrate that cases fitting this criteria will be continued until the criminal matter has been completed.


Jurisdiction of the Court:

The Court of Common Pleas has jurisdiction over persons age eighteen (18) and older with respect to Stalking Civil Protection Orders. If you file a case against a juvenile, it will be dismissed, likewise, you must be age eighteen (18) to file.



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