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The First District Court of Appeals is one of twelve appellate districts in the state of Ohio. Our jurisdiction consists only of Hamilton County. Article IV, section 3 of the Ohio Constitution provides the authority for this court to review appeals from Municipal and Common Pleas Courts as well as original actions in Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Prohibition, Procedendo and Quo Warranto.

The Court consists of six judges who are all elected by popular vote, serving terms of six years. Each case on appeal is reviewed by a panel of 3 judges, one of whom is randomly assigned to write a decision after reviewing the record and the briefs filed in the case. The decision, once released, can be appealed further to the Ohio Supreme Court.

This court and its personnel are committed to serving the citizens of Hamilton County, Ohio in an open, orderly, and efficient manner.

Latest Decisions [D] and Summaries [S]
DateCaseCase Caption [D] [S]
10/31/2014C130611In Re: A.B. and A. B.-
10/31/2014C130612In Re: J.B.-
10/31/2014C140415In Re: C.H.; M.H.; A.H.; T.H.; N.H.; J.H.; M.H.
10/31/2014C140416In Re: N.H.; M.H.; J.H.;
10/29/2014C140089State of Ohio vs. Tomeka Haynes-
10/29/2014C140098Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al. vs. Suzanne C. Ernst, et al.-
10/29/2014C140116State of Ohio vs. James Fox-
10/29/2014C140195Nisbet Property Holdings, Ltd., vs. AIKO Properties, LLC, et al.-
10/24/2014C140125State of Ohio vs. Leonard Walker-
10/24/2014C140176Timothy Montgomery, et al. vs. Highland 2532 LLC, et al.-
10/22/2014C130789State of Ohio vs. Karl Heard
10/22/2014C130838Tracey Brooks vs. Montgomery Care Center
10/22/2014C140002Sheri Foster vs. Cathy R. Cook-
10/22/2014C140091Eva Hoffman vs. Maisons Lafayette, et al.
10/22/2014C140107State of Ohio vs. Qian Williams-
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