RULE 1. Scope and applicability of rules; purpose; divisions of Court

(A) The Rules hereinafter set forth shall apply to all divisions of the Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton County, Ohio. The purpose of these rules is to define local practices and procedures of this Court, consistent with the Rules of Superintendence, the Rule of Civil and Criminal Procedure, the Rules of Juvenile Procedure, and such other rules as may be adopted or promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio pursuant to Section 5 of Article IV of the Ohio Constitution. Additional local rules of Court may be adopted by the Domestic Relations, Probate and Juvenile Divisions, and such other divisions of the Court as may be created from time to time, governing practice and procedure in those divisions. The Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton County consists of four divisions: the General Division, the Domestic Relations Division, the Probate Division, and the Juvenile Division.

(B) The judges designated by Revised Code Section 2301.03 and 2101.02, as being elected to the Domestic Relations, Juvenile and Probate Divisions, shall be responsible for the business of those divisions, provided however, that the Presiding Judge of this Court, elected in accordance with Rule 3 hereof may assign judges from one division of the Court to serve another division as the business of the Court may require, in conformity to Superintendence Rule 2. The other judges shall handle the business of and shall constitute the General Division.

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