RULE 21. Registered land cases

(A) The Clerk of Courts shall maintain a separate docket and assign consecutive numbers prefixed by "LR" for all cases filed in this Court under the provisions of Revised Code Section 5309.08 regarding the original registration of lands, or under Revised Code Sections 5309.27,-.45 and -.46, concerning other proceedings pertaining to registered Land Cases filed in which the involvement of registered land is incidental to the primary relief sought, such as foreclosure or partition, shall not be entered in the registered land docket, but shall be entered in the regular dockets of this Court, as any other civil action.

(B) Copies of pleadings and motions need not be filed in registered land cases, except that one copy of the application shall be filed in all actions for the original registration of land, pursuant to Revised Code Section 5309.08.

(C) Upon the filing of an application for registration, in addition to the statutory filing fee provided by Revised Code Section 5310.15, there shall be deposited with the Clerk of Courts the sum of $25.00 as security for costs incident to the filing of the application. When such sum has been exhausted, upon application or upon its own motion, the Court shall require a further deposit of such additional sum as is deemed necessary for security for costs.

(D) All cases bearing the "LR" designation in accordance with Paragraph A hereof shall be heard by the judge sitting in the Criminal and Equity Room, or such other judge as the Administrative Judge may designate. Only contested land registration cases shall be assigned in accordance with Rule 7 hereof. When a case bearing the "LR" designation is contested, the examiner of titles, appointed in accordance with Section 5309.04 of the Ohio Revised Code, upon determining that the case is at issue and ready for trial, shall report such fact to the Administrative Judge, and the case shall thereafter be assigned as mentioned above.

(E) In all cases bearing the "LR" designation, no notice of subsequent proceedings need be given to any party in default for failure to answer or otherwise appear as provided by Civil Rule 55(A) and Rule 13 hereof.

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