RULE 22. Notary public: examination and appointments

(A) This Court shall not issue or approve the certificate of qualifications required by Sec. 147.01 R.C. in connection with applications for appointment as Notaries Public unless the applicant is a resident of Hamilton County, Ohio, and is (a) either a member of the Bar of the State of Ohio in good standing or (b) has passed the examination hereinafter prescribed.

(B) The Joint Session shall appoint a committee of not less than 10 members of the Bar of the State of Ohio in good standing and practicing law in Hamilton County, Ohio, one of whom shall be designated as Chairperson. This committee shall be known as the 'Judges Committee on Notaries Public,' which committee shall serve until further order of the Court.

(C) Said committee or sub-committee or member thereof, shall from time to time, but not less than once each month, conduct at the Courthouse, examinations of all applicants for appointment as Notaries Public of this County, for the purpose of determining whether the applicant possesses the qualifications necessary for the proper discharge of the duties of the office set forth in Revised Code Section 147.02. Paragraph (C) shall not apply to persons admitted to the practice of law in this State.

(D) Every applicant shall first file with the Committee, with the application, a statement in writing, which statement shall be in such form, and set forth such matters as the Committee shall prescribe. The Committee or sub-committee shall report to one of the Judges of this Court in writing after such examination is had. Said report is to contain either an approval or disapproval by the Committee and is to be submitted within seven (7) days after the applicant has been examined; and the said Judge shall duly pass on the application as the facts and the law may require.

(E) Each application filed shall be accompanied by a fee in the amount hereinafter provided, which will be returned to the applicant if that applicant is not permitted to take the examination by reason of lack of citizenship, legal residence

or other statutory requirement. If the applicant's name is placed on the examination roll and the applicant fails to receive a recommendation of approval, a new application may be filed and an additional examination fee, in the amount hereinafter provided must accompany each such subsequent application.

(F) Any complaint filed by the Committee seeking to have a Notary removed, suspended, or disciplined shall be heard and determined by the Presiding Judge, or by any judge designated

by the Presiding Judge after notice thereof to the Committee and the individual or individuals against whom the complaint is filed.

(G) Whenever any applicant in the opinion of the Committee is not qualified for appointment to the office of Notary Public, said applicant may file a new application for reexamination after thirty (30) days; should said applicant, in the opinion of the Committee, upon said second examination be still unqualified to hold said office, then said applicant shall not be permitted to file an application for an additional examination until thirty (30) days or more have elapsed from the date of said second examination; should said applicant, in the opinion of the Committee, be still unqualified to hold said office upon said third examination, then said applicant shall not be permitted to file an additional application until five (5) years has elapsed from the date of said first examination. Each such application shall be accompanied by the fee hereinafter provided.

(H) Should any applicant, after filing an application for examination, fail to appear for said examination within thirty (30) days after the filing of said application, the Committee shall notify said applicant, by mail, that unless said applicant appears for examination within the next succeeding thirty (30) days, after the notice, that said application will be cancelled, and no part of the fee paid shall be returned to the applicant unless the Committee or a judge of this Court so authorizes.

(I) Any person who has been commissioned as a notary public pursuant to the Statutes of Ohio, who desires a renewal of such commission shall file application for such renewal with the Judges Committee on Notaries Public. All applications for renewal shall be in writing and shall set forth such facts as said Committee shall prescribe and shall be accompanied by a fee in the amount hereinafter provided. Such application shall be examined by the Committee or some member thereof and approved by it. The applicant shall thereupon be considered qualified for a renewal of commission without examination unless ordered By the Court.

(J) The amount of the fees hereinbefore designated to be paid by each applicant, who is either a resident of Hamilton County or has been appointed a Notary Public in an adjacent county in which the applicant is a resident, is fixed as follows:

Original application $ 65.00

Re-examination .... 10.00

Renewal application ..... 60.00

Attorney application . 60.00

Name change...................................................................  35.00

(Effective September 15, 2009)

Said payment shall include fees payable to the Governor and recording fees, and applicant shall be entitled to receive a copy of the 'Manual for Notaries Public' without a charge.

The fees provided herein shall be used to defray the costs incident to the processing of Notary Public applications, and a financial report together with the activities of the Judges Committee on Notaries Public shall be made to the Presiding Judge annually. (Amended April 1, 1993)

(K) The Judges Committee on Notaries Public is hereby empowered to administer the rule hereinbefore set forth and shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the Court.

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