RULE 6. Designation of official daily law journal;

                   calendars of the court

(A) The Cincinnati Court Index is hereby designated as the official daily law journal of this Court, as required by Revised Code Section 2701.09, in which the individual calendars of the judges of this Court shall be published, which calendars shall contain the numbers and titles of cases, and the individual names of the trial attorneys appearing therein as defined by Superintendence Rule 3 and Rule 10 of these Rules. The calendars shall also contain the motions, dockets and such particulars and notices respecting causes, as may be specified by the judges of this Court, and each notice required to be published by any of such judges.

(B In accordance with the individual assignment system required by Superintendence Rule 4, separate calendars for each judge of each division of this Court shall be published.

(C) Publication in the Cincinnati Court Index shall be deemed official and complete notification to all Hamilton County counsel of any assignment or setting of any case for any purpose whatever and it shall be the duty of such counsel to ascertain from the Cincinnati Court Index any official notification contained therein pertaining to all cases.

(D) Where mail notification is provided by these rules or is otherwise given, non-delivery of such mail notification shall not excuse the nonappearance of Hamilton County counsel where such notice has also been given by publication in the Cincinnati Court Index as provided by the paragraph above.

(E) Notwithstanding provisions of any rule to the contrary, any mail notification provided for shall be sufficient if it specifically directs the attention of counsel to the official notification in the Cincinnati Court Index without particularly setting forth any specific case style or number or exact time of hearing.

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