All foreclosure cases are referred to the Magistrate who will handle the matter.  When a new case is filed, the Assignment Commissioner schedules the matter for a case management conference within ninety (90) days of filing.  Local Rule 15(A)  The Magistrate expects that you will appear for this hearing. 

Early in the case, if there are issues which require disposition, a case management order will be entered.  In such cases, a personal appearance is required by all attorneys or pro se parties in order to complete such scheduling orders.

The Magistrate will make every attempt to complete each case within the one-year window prescribed by the Supreme Court Rules of Superintendence.

Motions for Summary Judgment

All Motions for Summary Judgment filed in cases referred to the Magistrate require a hearing.  Before filing such motions, call the Administrator (513-946-5820) for a hearing date and include a notice of such hearing in the motion.


Pro Se parties who have answered often complain that opposing counsel will not speak with them.  As you would confer with all counsel on a case, you must also confer with such pro se parties.


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