TITLE I: Pleadings and Motions; Filing; Entries


1.20 Interest on Support Arrearage

"Where interest on a support arrearage is an issue, the motion or other pleading shall include the following information:

  1. The date(s) of each court order fixing or modifying the sum(s) to be paid;

  2. The total claimed delinquency, without interest; and

  3. The amount of interest being requested and the calculations relied upon in support of the claim. Counsel shall oversee these calculations so that he/she can verify the reasonable accuracy of the figures.

Respondents who contest any of the figures proposed by the movant shall file a responsive pleading 28 days prior to the hearing date. The pleading shall address the factors listed in (1-3) and shall state with specificity the documents relied upon and the reasons for the disparity in the figures, if known."