TITLE I: Pleadings and Motions; Filing; Entries


1.25 Motion for Contempt for Failure to Reimburse Medical Costs
        - New Rule, Effective 5-1-06

  1. A party requesting reimbursement or payment of medical costs shall deliver appropriate documentation of such costs to the other party or parties by hand delivery, certified mail, regular mail, fax or e-mail. If a party delivers the documentation by hand, the receiving party shall sign a document acknowledging receipt. No parent shall deliver medical bills to the other parent through a minor child.

  2. A Movant who requests a finding of contempt for a failure to reimburse medical costs shall completely fill out and attach to the motion the Medical Expense Sheet (Form # 1.25).

  3. Actual copies of the medical bills and/or Explanation of Benefits forms shall not be attached to the motion, but may be presented as exhibits at the hearing if not otherwise stipulated into evidence.