Title IV: Scheduling and Pre-Trial Conference


4.0 Procedure

Scheduling conferences shall be set on property issues at the time of the filing of the complaint. In lieu thereof, counsel for the parties may submit, 14 days prior to the scheduled conference date, a Magistrate’s Order reflecting the general nature of issues to be litigated, stipulations of fact and status of discovery, with limitations on discovery as appropriate.

No asset or minimal asset cases may be adjudicated at the scheduling conference pursuant to the ordinary rules of procedure. Matters requiring additional preliminary review may be set for formal pre-trial at a later time.

Trial counsel for the parties shall be present at all scheduling conferences thereafter as deemed appropriate. Failure of counsel to appear at scheduling or other pre-trial conference may result in sanctions or dismissal as appropriate. In the event the parties are unable to agree as to discovery scope or time limitation, the Magistrate shall submit recommendations thereon in the form of a Decision or Order.