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Frequently Asked Questions

Who responsible for managing the project? 

The Hamilton County Engineerís Office is responsible for oversight of the project.

 Why is the work necessary? 

Deterioration of the pavement, curb and sidewalks as well as the necessity for widening to provide turn lanes at major intersections.

 Why is it taking so long? 

The Winton Road Corridor Improvements involve several projects.  In order to be able to perform the improvements public utilities needed to be relocated.  This includes overhead utilities comprising of Duke Electric, Cincinnati Bell Telephone and Time Warner Cable.  Poles needed to be moved and lines transferred.  Work on the curbs and sidewalks needed to be scheduled so that poles and lines had been moved so that the work could be done. 

Greater Cincinnati Water Works replaced the existing water main through portions of the project.  This was done proactively to allow below ground work to be completed prior to the roadway work being performed.  The mains through this area run under the pavement. 

Reconstruction of Roads while maintaining traffic always takes longer that those that have the road closed. 

When will it be finished? 

The work on Phase III was completed in November of 2008 and the work on Phase II is scheduled to be completed by September of 2009.

Can the center turn lane be used to allow two lanes of traffic in each direction?

This is possible but then through traffic would be delayed by turning traffic.  Also, this sort of traffic shift is not possible through signalized intersections without relocation of signal heads and traffic detector loops. 

Why canít the work be done at night when there is less traffic?

Working at night causes reduced efficiencies, safety issues and noise.  This area is a highly residential area and construction noise during the night was a major concern.

Why donít you finish one side of the street before beginning on the other side?   

That was the original plan but due to utility poles not being moved in a timely manner areas needed to be skipped and work performed in areas where no conflicts exist. 

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