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Scanned Image Search Instructions

Download these Instructions (PDF)

Map Book Index (PDF)

Access Your Scanned Image

Know the township or municipality in which the property is located, or
Have the book and page numbers for the property.

Click on the Access Your Scanned Image link above.

Click on either ‘Documents’ at the top or ‘Advanced Search’ in the ‘Document Search’ box to display the following screen:

Click the arrow next to ‘Select Cabinet’ to choose the type of document you are requesting. Depending on the cabinet chosen, you will see a screen something like that below. Fill in the required information. You do not have to enter information into all fields. The correct combination of book and page will return the most recent revision of that map. To see all earlier revisions, click in the ‘Include archived documents’ check box. 

Click on ‘Search’ to see the results screen:

Each map found will be displayed as a thumbnail with information about it to the right. A partial search, such as leaving the auditor’s page number blank, may yield more than one page of hits. There will be next and previous page controls at the bottom of the screen. When you find the item(s) you wish to view, click on ‘View’ or the thumbnail image to view the full image, as below: 

Controls around the outside of the map image allow you to zoom in or out, select an area to view and send the image to your printer. Holding the cursor over a control will display the function of that control. If multiple maps have been selected the red arrows will display the next and previous pages. For a complete tutorial on using these controls click on the question mark icon in the top gray border. 
Book, Page and Parcel
Hamilton County tax maps are sorted by Township Name/Municipality, Book Number and Page Number. Please have this information handy before advancing to the tax map search page.

Book and page number are part of the parcel ID for a property. Parcel ID may be found on your tax bill or on other legal documents pertaining to your property. It may also be found on the County Auditors property search web page. An example, in the city of Cincinnati, is:
079 0005 0043 00
Book Page Parcel Tax Information
The parcel ID may be displayed with or without dashes. For tax map searches we are only concerned with the book and page numbers. Enter the information into the search screen without any leading zeros. In the above example you would enter book 79, page 5.
Directions for viewing a specific area of the Tax Map
Click on the eye
Click and drag to cover the area to view
A yellow hi-light will appear covering the area
Click on the eye OR you can use your zoom by selecting a percentage.
Clicking on the "Fit Height" or "Fit Width" icon will fit the entire map on the viewing screen
Clicking on the "Print" icon on the screen will print the entire map.

Clicking on "File" then "Print" or the printer icon in the controls area will print the area on the screen. The first time you use it you will be asked to download and install the dpprint driver. This will then allow you to either print the image on your local printer or download the image to your computer.
Use the "?" (help) on the screen to view complete directions in the table of contents under "Viewing Documents".

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