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River City Correctional Center

3220 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45225
PH: (513) 946-6800  |  FX: (513) 946-6999

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River City Correctional Center


RCCC provides Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) as the primary method of intervention. The facility was restructured from a Therapeutic Community in 2011 to reflect best practices in effective interventions with offenders. Residents participate in multiple CBT treatment groups and complete individualized assignments based on their needs.

RCCC is divided into four living units (pods) housing up to 55 residents. One pod is dedicated to female offenders and two pods are designated as primary treatment units for male offenders. The fourth pod is a re-entry pod for men designed to address residents' transitional needs as they prepare to reintegrate into the community. Residents must earn the privilege to progress to the re-entry pod by completing all primary treatment interventions and demonstrating pro-social behavior. Once a resident moves into the re-entry phase of treatment and completes certain requirements, he or she may be permitted to seek employment outside of the facility.

Residents progress through a level system in which they may earn more responsibilities and privileges. Conversely, they are expected to demonstrate more pro-social behavior.

All treatment is individualized based on the needs of each resident; however, common areas of need include substance abuse, anti-social attitudes and peers, poor anger management, impulsivity, lack of problem solving skills, education, parenting skills, job readiness and employment skills.

Sex Offender Program

The goal of the Sex Offender Program at the River City Correctional Center is to provide safety for the victim and community, and to offer the offender an opportunity to choose a productive lifestyle that does not include victimizing others. Participating residents must complete three phases of sex offender specific programming and attend aftercare upon release. The sex offender will also go through the standard River City Correctional Center program. Depending on client needs, polygraph tests may be required.


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