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April 12, 2002

Quote of the Week:  “Think highly of yourself, for the world takes you at your own estimate."  - Anon.


Winners Drawn in Great American Ball Park Brick Giveaway
At their April 3rd meeting, the Hamilton County Commissioners drew the names of the winning entries in the "Put Your Mark On Great American Ball Park" brick drawing event.  Cincinnati Reds mascot, Mr. Red, assisted in the drawing.  More than 4,200 entries were submitted during the month-long entry period.  The free drawing was open to the public and 100 lucky Reds fans were selected.
Mr. Red provided a helping hand to Commissioners in selecting the lucky winners of inscribed bricks at Great American Ball Park.
"The brick giveaway has been a very positive and successful event for the county," said Tom Neyer, Jr., president, Hamilton County Board of Commissioners. "The tremendous response we received demonstrates that the citizens of Hamilton County and Reds fans everywhere are excited about the new ball park. It is exciting to select the 100 winners who will become a permanent part of Cincinnati’s newest landmark. "


The winners of the drawing will be immortalized at Great American Ball Park by having their name or personal message inscribed on a brick which will be permanently paved into Crosley Terrace.  The complete list of winners is provided on the County's Ball Park website (www.Hamilton-Co.org/GABP). The bricks will be installed in time for Opening Day 2003.  The winners will receive a map indicating the general location of their brick so they can easily find it and point it our to family and friends. Those interested in purchasing a brick from the Reds are encouraged to visit the Reds’ Web site at www.cincinnatireds.com or call (866) 850-2100.

Great American Ball Park belongs to the people of Hamilton County.  The "Put Your Mark on Great American Ball Park" brick drawing contest was a fun and exciting opportunity for Hamilton County to thank the community for it's continued support.

Commissioners get construction update

Earlier this week, the project team for the Great American Ball Park gave the Commissioners an update.  As a part of their monthly briefing, the project team stated that the Ball Park cost is in line with budget and that significant progress has been made in terms of project schedule.  This month's report included a complete re-forecast of the cost to complete the Ball Park.  The forecasted cost to complete the Ball Park is estimated at $281.6 million with the County committed to $271.9 million to date and the Reds purchasing directly approximately $9.7 million. 
The project team also reported continued progress in terms of small business participation.  To date, the committed small business participation for the Ball Park and related projects is 26.8% with 12% minority business participation and 3.9% woman-owned business participation.  On the neighboring parking and infrastructure projects small business participation has been remarkable with 57.2% of contract dollars awarded going to small businesses and 17.5% minority business participation and 4.8% woman-owned business participation.  The participation numbers for both projects compare very favorably to other large scale public projects in the region.  

With Opening Day 2003 less than a year away, citizens can check the progress of Great American Ball Park by clicking onto the County's Home Page (www.Hamilton-Co.org) or the Ball Park website (www.Hamilton-Co.org/GABP).  Digital photos of the Ball Park site are updated each hour, giving citizens a "real time" view of the construction project.  The Ball Park website also includes weekly "Play By Play" reports about the project, many photos, movies, artists renderings of the Ball Park at completion, and many other interesting and informative features.


Construction Exec worked on both Cinergy Field and new Great American Ball Park

When it comes to the construction of Great American Ball Park, Ty Heinmiller has a unique perspective of things. Ty also worked on the previous ball park.  In 1970, Ty Heinmiller was brought in to help finish Riverfront Stadium.  At that time, he worked as a construction segment supervisor for field installation.  He also assisted with finishing the clubhouse, press areas and lighting.  After the stadium opened, Ty never thought that he would be a part of the next chapter in Cincinnati baseball history. 
Ty Heinmiller has the unique experience of helping construct both old and new Reds' ballparks.

Now more than 30 years later as a project executive at the site of the next home for the Cincinnati Reds, Ty's responsibilities include overseeing jobsite construction personnel as well as enforcing the proper means and methods of construction . Ty has enjoyed working on all aspects of the ball park.  However, he feels like a spectator, for it has literally grown right before his eyes.

"I had no idea that I would be doing this again, " Ty said recently.  "I thought about working on other stadiums, but I never thought about tearing down one stadium that I helped to build, to build another one."

Besides working on the Cincinnati ball parks, Ty has worked on other sports facilities, including Comerica Park in Detroit and Knickerbocker Arena in New York.  Ty also worked on the Procter & Gamble twin towers and the Atrium I Building in downtown Cincinnati.



Saturday, June 8, 2002

9:00 a.m. Sawyer Point

In an effort to help residents of the Greater Cincinnati area become more aware of what they can do for clean air, the Regional Ozone Coalition (ROC) is sponsoring the second annual Clean Air A-Thon. The event will be held Saturday, June 8, 2002, at Sawyer Point. 

The Clean Air A-Thon is a 5k walk/run and this year the event includes a "Family Fun Fest".  Kids and parents will participate in hands-on activities while learning about the air we breathe and what can be done to improve its quality. As part of the "Family Fun Fest," the ROC is organizing a short 'fun run' for kids as well as a scavenger hunt for participants of all ages.

Approximately 65 volunteers are needed for this year's event. There are various duties such as registration, refreshments/food, timers, finish line, shuttle drivers, kids activities, welcoming exhibitors and lots more!

By volunteering for this event, you will be supporting a great cause and giving others the opportunity to do the same. In 2001, there were over 300 participants in attendance and the event raised over $5,000 for the beneficiaries. All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and are encouraged to bring their families to participate in the fun!

If you would like to volunteer or would like more information, please contact Summer Jones, (513) 621-6300 ext.104 or email at sjones@oki.org  Visit www.doyourshare.org to learn more about the 2002 Clean Air A-Thon.

Volunteers Needed!

Finish Line Greeters Scavenger Hunt
Mascot Volunteers Kids Activities Water Stops
Slush Puppie Operator Awards Ceremony And More!!!


Click To Preview Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program 
"Catch the Fever" May 1 - 31, 2002
Plans for the Hamilton County Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program are heating up and residents are beginning to "Catch the Fever".  May is Mercury Month in Hamilton County as local health and environmental leaders offer the Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program throughout the month with the goal of dramatically reducing mercury in the home. From May 1 - 31 Hamilton County residents are encouraged to "Catch the Fever" by bringing their mercury thermometer to designated sites around the county where they can exchange them, at no cost, for a digital thermometer.

Mercury is an element that can pose a health and environmental hazard. In its elemental form, mercury is a silvery liquid metal at room temperature. As a colorless, odorless, and tasteless vapor it can travel long distances and produce adverse health effects.

Short term exposure to mercury or mercury vapors can lead to:

bulletShortness of breath
bulletMigraine headaches

Hamilton County Mercury Thermometer Exchange   Program Locations  

May 1-31, 2002

Cann Health Center   Millvale Health Center Sharonville Health Department

5218 Madison  Road 

3301 Beekman St  10900 Reading Road
Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
(513) 271-6089  (513) 352-3192 (513) 563-1722
Elm Street Clinic Northside Health Center  Springdale Health Department
1525 Elm Street 3917 Spring Grove   11700 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
(513) 352-3092  (513)-357-7600 (513) 346-5726
Clement Health Center Norwood Health Department St.Bernard Health Department
3101 Burnet Ave 2059 Sherman Ave   110 Washington Avenue
Cincinnati Norwood Cincinnati
(513) 357-7300 (513)-458-4600 (513) 242-7709
Hamilton County General Health District Price Hill Health Center   


250  William Howard Taft  2136 West 8th St.
Cincinnati Cincinnati 
(513)946-7879  (513) 357-2700
Kemper Heights Head Start Building Health Reading Health Department    


924 Waycross  1000 Market St.  
Forest Park Reading
(513)589-3029 (513)842-1677
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