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December 14, 2001

  Quote of the Week:  "Never confuse motion with action." - Benjamin Franklin
Hamilton County's 2002 Recommended Budget available online Click To Preview

Hamilton County has placed important documents related to the recommended 2002 budget on to its Web Page. The recommended budget was publicly presented to the Board of County Commissioners in late November. The budget documents can be accessed from the Hamilton County homepage (http://www.Hamilton-Co.org). Citizens need only click on the button on the homepage entitled “2002 Budget Recommendation.”  Citizens can also go directly to the budget page (http://www.hamilton-co.org/DAS/budget&.asp>). 

Material provided includes the detailed transmittal letter that describes the overall budget and highlights specific policy issues facing the County and the Board of County Commissioners. Also included is a detailed budget summary, which provides budget numbers, charts, graphs, and descriptions for specific departments and funds.  The Board of County Commissioners will be working throughout this month on the adoption of the 2002 budget. 


County Employees help to save Ohio-Indiana State line monument

Thanks to the efforts of the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office, Dearborn County Surveyor, JMA Consultants and District 9 Land Survey Co., a 163-year-old Ohio-Indiana State line monument was saved. Sometime prior to November 20, 2001, the 9 foot, 5,000 pound monument had mysteriously uprooted from its resting place of 163 years at the intersection of US 50 (River Road) and State Line Road.

County Engineer's crew with 163 year-old Ohio-Indiana State Line Monument.

The monument came to exist back in 1838 due to doubts as to the exact location of the extreme southern part of the Ohio-Indiana line originally run by a surveyor named Israel Ludlow. Early in 1837 a joint commission was authorized by the legislature of both states to retrace and monument this part of the line. The Commission employed surveyor Nathaniel L. Squibb of Hartford, Indiana, to retrace the lower portion. He began about 4 miles north of the Ohio River and ran south recovering Ludlow’s original marks as best he could. Squibb’s work resulted in two large monuments that were set on November 27, 1838. The first monument was placed near the mouth of the Great Miami River. The second monument, which is the one recently uprooted, was set about 3 miles north of the first monument.

The monument at US 50 and State Line road is a tapered cylindrical shaft of fine-grain sandstone 9 feet long weighing 5,000 pounds. It rests on a square block of freestone embedded in a cubic yard of broken stone. A bronze tablet was attached to the monument by the Col. Archibald Lochry chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution on October 11, 1929.

The two monuments mentioned above and one set in 1915 at the northwest corner of Ohio are believed as of 1933 to be the only authoritative monuments on the entire Ohio-Indiana line.

Thanks to the hard work and quick response by many people this monument was reset on its original foundation and position. The monument showed minor damage except for the loss of the bronze plate. If anyone finds this bronze plate, please contact the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office at (513) 946-4265.


Hamilton County Courthouse receives TOBY Award

Hamilton County has been awarded the Building Owners and Managers Association's prestigious award, The Office Building of the Year (TOBY), in the government category.  This award promotes the awareness throughout the City of how well our facilities are maintained.  The award was presented to the Courthouse building.  This is the second consecutive year the courthouse received a TOBY AWARD.  The awards are based on such as standards as community impact, energy management, safety, training provided to facility staff, and accessibility.  The Courthouse will now participate in a regional competition.



Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District to offer Education Grants

Hamilton County lost two enthusiastic and dedicated conservationists in 2001. In honor of Julius Odegard and David Diebel, the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) announced the creation of two education grants to be awarded to teachers beginning in September 2002.

Mr. Julius Odegard served as the District Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service for 30 years, spending a majority of that time at Hamilton County SWCD until his retirement in 1973. During those years, Julius was a one-man shop assisted only by a part-time secretary. He was a diligent worker—designing agriculture plans for farmers and also education programs throughout the County that impacted over 35,000 acres of farmland. Julius was a tireless promoter and worker on the District’s tree packet program – a program many Districts then tried to emulate. The profits of this program went to fund education programs.  Julius A. Odegard passed away on June 7, 2001.

H. Dave  Diebel served on the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors from 1955 – 1985. He worked vigilantly to promote conservation throughout his life   He also served on the Ohio Reclamation Board of Review for 20 years. He received countless awards over the years including "Citizen of the Year Award" from Forest Park, "Outstanding Contributions Award" from National Wildlife Federation and "Soil Conservationist of the Year" from the League of Ohio Sportsman.

Both of these wonderful gentlemen will be missed. According to Soil & Water Conservation District Administrator Holly Utrata-Holcomb, "We certainly can say that the world and our County is a much better place because they graced us with their presence."

To honor both of these outstanding public servants, the District is setting up two $250.00 education awards for teachers that will be awarded annually in September. The District, Supervisors and staff have committed the initial seed money for the grants. 

To make a donation in either Julius’ or Dave’s honor, or to receive an application for the grants, contact Hamilton County SWCD, 29 Triangle Park Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45246 or call 772-7645.


Probate Court Launches New Web Site
Judge Wayne Wilke and the Hamilton County Probate Court have announced their new website:  www.probatect.org

This new website is designed to provide the public with unprecedented access to Hamilton County Probate Court information using state-of-the-art technology.  

Upon entering the site, you will have immediate access to individual forms, complete form packets, instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to a number of specific Probate case types such as estate administration, guardianship, trusts, adoption, etc.  We also offer an on-line public inquiry to probate cases,  access to our Local Rules, Probate Record information, and links to every Probate Court in the state of Ohio.  We even offer an On-Line Marriage License Application!  

The new website will be an essential tool for those wishing to have extensive access to Hamilton County Probate Court.


Community COMPASS and Hamilton County Needs You!

In just one month, Hamilton County will hold an event that will change the future of the county forever. On January 12, 2002 the Planning Partnership of Hamilton County and the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission will host a Countywide Town Meeting at Music Hall where residents, yes you, the resident, will get the chance to prioritize the issues that concern you and plan their implementation.

The key for Community COMPASS success is gathering 1,000 residents at Music Hall on January 12 for small group discussions. This is where COMPASS needs your help.  

COMPASS is asking you to go out, tell your friends and family members about Community COMPASS and encourage them to sign-up for the Countywide Town Meeting. How many times have you heard a co-worker or a neighbor complain about something related to Hamilton County? Maybe they complained about the immense amount of traffic between the East side of the county and the West side. Maybe someone keeps talking about all the new land that is being developed to build new buildings when there are old, worn-down buildings scattered across the county that could be renovated for use. Maybe your neighbor keeps talking about the poor state of race relations throughout the county, but they never offer any ideas on how to make that state better. 


If you’ve heard any discussions about topics such as these then you need to come down to the Countywide Town Meeting, with that co-worker’s or neighbor’s ideas, and discuss these issues with your peers and find solutions that will benefit everyone in Hamilton County. Now, these problems won’t be solved in one Saturday, but it is a start to creating a better future.

After everything that has happened to the United States in the past few months, we have realized how important public involvement is. Becoming involved in changing Hamilton County’s future for the better is a wonderful, easy way to show that you care about your community and the people who reside within it. We have set up the time, the date and the place all you have to do is show up and share your voice. Please come to the Countywide Town Meeting on January 12, 2002 and bring a friend, a co-worker, or a neighbor and make our children’s and grandchildren’s future better.

To register for the Countywide Town Meeting call 946-4505 or register online at www.communitycompass.org. The meeting lasts all day from 8:30 am to 4:00 p.m. with breakfast and lunch provided.



Solid Waste Management join with Energy Efficiency to host Sustainable Design Seminars

The Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District (District), in conjunction with the Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency, is proud to announce a series of sustainable design seminars beginning in January, 2002.
Sustainable design is the concept of designing, constructing, and operating in ways that minimize environmental impacts. It incorporates energy efficiency, water conservation, waste minimization, pollution prevention, resource-efficient materials, and indoor air quality. All seminars will be conducted by national experts.

The following seminars will be offered by the District:

"Energy Efficiency and Green Building Primer"

Presented by: Bion Howard, Building Environmental Science & Technology

Date: January 16, 2002

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $35.00 per attendee

"Integrated Sustainable Design"

Presented by: Michaella Wright, HDR Architecture

Date: February 13, 2002

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Cost: $25.00 per attendee

"Natural Capitalism and Sustainable Design"

Presented by: Alexis Kadolides & Ben Shepard, Rocky Mountain Institute

Date: March 20, 2002

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $50.00 per attendee

"Building Commissioning"

Presented by: John Heinz, P.E., Building Commissioning Association

Date: April 3, 2002

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Cost: $25.00 per attendee

"The Construction Waste Process—Specifying and Implementing"

Presented by: Greg Roberts, AIA, CSI, CCS, Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

Date: May 29, 2002

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Cost: $25.00 per attendee

All seminars will be held at TechSolve, located at 1111 Edison Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio. Space is limited, so be sure to register early! For more information on any of the above seminars, or to register, contact Holly Christmann at (513) 946-7705 or e-mail her at holly.christmann@hamilton-co.org.  For more information about the seminar series visit www.hcdoes.org/sw/greenbuild/sustaindesign.html .


Visitors from Nepal come to Hamilton County.  

On December 13th, Hamilton County hosted officials from Nepal.  The visitors met with the Sheriff, County Administrator and Budget staff. 


County Administrator David Krings with Jhala Nath Khanal, Department Chief for International Relations.

Keep your family and belongings safe--

Fireproof your Christmas tree

Every year holiday dreams can turn to in tragedy as a result of Christmas trees catching on fire. Traditionally, we take a dead tree (usually a spruce or fir, which is highly flammable when dry), not properly prepared, set it in our homes, and wrap it with electric wires. This can be an invitation for a fire! The following remedy should help protect your Christmas tree from fire:



2 cups corn syrup


2 ounces liquid chlorine bleach


2 pinches of Epsom salt


1/2 teaspoon "Borax"


1 teaspoon chelated iron*


Almost 2 gallons hot water


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