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December 27, 2001

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"There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less."  - Kurt Hahn - Founder, Outward Bound

  Hamilton County Launches Ball Park Website
Hamilton County unveiled today a new website featuring information and images of the Great American Ball Park.  The website includes a web-cam providing updated images of the Ball Park construction site, weekly "Play-By-Play" updates on the project, renderings of the Ball Park, answers to frequently asked questions, a monthly profile of a member of the project team, a project timeline, and many more interesting features.


"This new website provides the citizens of Hamilton County and Reds fans everywhere with information about this exciting project," stated County Administrator David Krings.  "We will use it as a tool to keep the public informed on our progress."

The website promises something for everyone from the hard-core fan to the interested citizen.  The website can be accessed through the County's homepage:  www.Hamilton-Co.org  or by going directly to:  www.Hamilton-Co.org/GABP.

Check the website frequently to keep updated on the Ball Park project.


Hamilton County Christmas Tree Recycling Program
The excitement of the holiday season is upon us, but have you thought about what you are going to do with your Christmas tree after the holiday hustle and bustle is over? It’s easy and convenient to recycle your tree after the holidays. Many communities in Hamilton County offer Christmas Tree Recycling Programs, but for those who don’t, the Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District is sponsoring a free Christmas Tree Recycling Program for Hamilton County residents.
On Saturdays only, January 5, 2002 through January 12, 2002, residents can drop off their trees for recycling, free of charge, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the following locations:

East: Evans Landscaping, 3700 Roundbottom Road in Newtown

West: Kuliga Park, 6717 Bridgetown Road in Green Township

North: Rumpke Sanitary Landfill, Struble Road and Colerain Ave. in Colerain Township

All ornamentation, tinsel, and lights must be removed from the trees before they are dropped off.  To find out if your community has a Christmas Tree Recycling Program or for additional information, visit our website at www.hcdoes.org or call the Yard waste Hotline at (513) 946-7755

Happy Holidays from the Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District!!!

Interim Administrative Services Director Appointed

At their December 26th meeting, the Board of County Commissioners approved County Administrator David Krings recommended appointment of Lois Reynolds, deputy director of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), as interim department director until a permanent leader is appointed.  Current Administrative Services Director Suzanne Burke will assume the position of Hamilton County Job and Family Service Director effective January 1, 2002. 

“We have the utmost confidence in the team in place within Administrative Services and in Lois Reynolds’ ability to guide the department until the new director arrives,” stated County Administrator Krings. 

Lois Reynolds will serve as the interim Administrative Services Director


With over 20 years of local government experience in Hamilton County, Ms. Reynolds has served as the deputy director for DAS for 11 years, serving twice previously as the interim department director. Prior to joining Hamilton County, Ms. Reynolds served for 12 years as the finance director for the City of Forest Park.  Ms. Reynolds is active in the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), serves on the Ohio GFOA Board of Directors, and was a founding member of the organization’s local chapter. 

Ms. Reynolds has an undergraduate degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph and holds a masters degree in public administration from the University of Cincinnati.  Ms. Reynolds has indicated that she is not interested in pursuing a permanent appointment as DAS Director.  A lifelong Hamilton County resident, Ms Reynolds is married with four adult children.

“I am pleased to serve Hamilton County during this time of transition,” stated Ms. Reynolds.  “I look forward to working with our talented staff and dedicated public servants throughout the County organization.”

Hamilton County is currently undertaking an extensive local and national search for the new Director of Administrative Services.  The Department of Administrative Services includes budget and research, purchasing, risk management, Paul Brown Stadium and Cinergy Field operations, and Parking Facilities operations.  The department is responsible for the preparation of the annual County budget, which is in excess of $2 billion.  The Department Director position reports to the County Administrator. 


Hamilton County to employ additional method to collect back child-support.

The Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services (HCJFS) is starting to use a new tool to collect overdue child support.

The Child Support Enforcement division of HCJFS can freeze and seize money in parents’ bank accounts if they fall behind in child support payments. The money is used to pay off the back support, known as arrearage, which is owed to the custodial parent and children.

The enforcement tool, known as Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM), has been successful where it has been tried in other parts of the country. In Hamilton County, within the first few days of launching the program, Child Support Enforcement froze four bank accounts to collect a total of $12,000 owed to children.

Hamilton County will use the following criteria for the program:

bulletThe amount owed must be more than $500 per case.
bulletThe default must be 60 days or more per case.
bulletFunds may be withdrawn from checking and savings accounts.
bulletAction will not be taken in cases involving disability, Supplement Security Income, or bankruptcy.
bulletThe person owing child support must be the sole owner of the account.
bulletChild support workers must have verified the money owed in the case within the previous 12 months.
bulletAll FIDM records are confidential.

The program will not apply to parents who have an arrears-only case with less than six months left to pay off the debt or who are making regular payments on an arrearage.

Parents will also have a ten-day due-process period to appeal the decision, but access to their account will be restricted during that time.

Under FIDM, all states are required to enter into agreements with financial institutions to identify bank accounts belonging to non-custodial parents who are delinquent in their child support payments. The names are matched to federal banking records through the federal Office of Child Support. The county child support agency is notified when a match is found and then moves to seize funds in the account. Institutions that must participate in FIDM include banks, savings and loans, credit unions, benefit associations, insurance companies, safe deposit companies, and money market funds.

HCJFS hopes the threat of seizure will be enough in many cases to get people to pay past-due child support.

""This is an extra enforcement tool," said HCJFS assistant director Lora Jollis. "The goal here is to get it paid."


Character Council of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky enlist Hamilton County Employees
The Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky enlisted Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) Environmental Professionals Mark Longmire of MSD Wastewater Collections and Saeid Mohamed of MSD Engineering to participate in the “Character…It starts with Me” television spots for life.

The Character Council joined with WCPO Channel 9, Power Creative and Anthony Muñoz to create, “Character…It starts with me”, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s).  These PSA’s are designed to encourage and emphasize good character, which the Character Council hopes will improve the lives of our area’s residents and enrich the spirit of our community.

Mark and Saeid will be appearing on billboards and in Public Service Announcements on television in Cincinnati, Hamilton County and Northern Kentucky.


Free Mixed Paper Recycling

Click To Preview

Each month, recycle your paper for FREE at recycling drop-offs in Hamilton County!  We'll even unload it for you!  Mixed paper is cardboard, cereal boxes, beverage cases, junk mail, magazines, office paper, newspapers, etc,  If you can tear it, we'll take it!
Sharonville-Princeton High School 

Student Parking Lot                                     11080 Chester Road

Surrey Square Mall-Norwood 

Behind Thriftway                               Montgomery Road

Western Hills Plaza

Behind Kroger                                             6150 Glenway Avenue

College Hill Kroger                                  

Parking Lot                                             1606 W. North Bend Road

All drop-off sites will be open from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on the following dates: 
January 5 April 6 July 13 October 5
February 2 May 4 August 3 November 2
March 2 June 1 September 14 December 7


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Happy New Year from Hamilton County!



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