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July 11, 2002

  Quote of the Week:  "Nothing endures but change."  - Heraclitus

Hamilton County wins six National Achievement Awards

At next week's National Association of Counties (NACo) annual meeting, Hamilton County will receive six NACo Achievement Awards.  Begun in 1970, the annual Achievement Award Program seeks to recognize innovative county government programs.  The awards focus on efforts by counties across the nation to modernize and streamline county government and to increase its services to its citizens.
   This year's award winners are:
bulletCounty-wide approach to Human Resources Development - County Personnel Department
bulletCommunity COMPASS Youth Forum - Regional Planning
bulletComputer Recycling Event - Department of Environmental Services
bulletE-Gov - Electronic Government Services Portal - County Administration, Regional Computer Center, and various County Departments, offices and agencies
bulletExTRA (Employee Transportation Reimbursement Account) Program - County Personnel Department
bulletHamilton County Regional Health Insurance Initiative - County Personnel Department

Award winners will be recognized at a future Board of County Commissioners meeting and each award winner will be featured in Hello, Hamilton County.  Congrats to the award winners!  Keep up the good work.


Communication Center Honored by Greater Cincinnati Health Council

The Hamilton County Communication Center was presented with a “Certificate of Honor and Appreciation” at the annual meeting of the Greater Cincinnati Health Council.  The award was presented by Health Council President Lynn Olman for the Communication Center’s ongoing efforts in preparing for and responding to natural and man-made emergencies in the Tri-State region. 

The award further recognizes the “Hamilton County Communication Center’s dedication to collaborating with other emergency response organizations and to serving the people of the Tri-State is gratefully acknowledged and deeply appreciated”. The Communication Center has served on the Health Council’s Disaster Preparedness Committee for many years.

"We are honored to receive this recognition.  The Hamilton County Communication is a team of dedicated professional that strive to provide excellent emergency communication services to citizens and public safety professionals," stated Communications Center Director William Hinkle.

The Hamilton County Communication Center provides emergency 9-1-1 public safety communications service to police, fire and emergency medical service (EMS) agencies in 40 municipalities and townships throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. The center receives approximately 700,000 telephones annually, resulting in the dispatching of over 300,000 requests for police, fire and EMS services. The Center is staffed by 75 nationally certified Public Safety Communication Officers and Supervisors.


  Clean Ohio Fund Applications Ranked by District 2 NRAC
The District 2 Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC) on June 28th finalized its evaluation and ranking of applications for Clean Ohio Conservation Funds.  The Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program provides funding for purchase of open space and protection of stream corridors.  


Based on the NRACs final action, the Ohio Public Works Commission (pending compliance with state requirements) is expected to release the $2.2 million appropriated for District 2, which includes all of Hamilton County.  The six projects recommended by the District 2 NRAC amount to $2,968,320.  The NRAC recommendation exceeds the 2002 allocation by about $585,000 which will result in the lowest priority project receiving less than the amount applied for.  The priority listing for 2002 funding includes the following projects:

  1. Mill Creek Restoration Project -- Caldwell-Seymour Greenway Ecological Restoration Program (700 acres)
    $577,500 recommend

  2. Hamilton County Park District -- Campbell Road Riparian Corridor (183 acres) $692,812 recommended

  3. City of Springdale -- Beaver Run Riparian Corridor Restoration Project (4 mile length)
    $208,821 recommended

  4. Hamilton County Park District -- Broadwell Woods Land Acquisition (70 acres)
    $422,062 recommended

  5. Elmwood Place -- Millcreek Greenway (2.5 acres)
    $67,125 recommended

  6. Village of Fairfax -- Little Duck Creek Restoration Project (5 acres)
    $1,000,000 recommended (approximately $315,000 available).

After the applications are approved by OPWC, formal agreements will be completed with each applicant.   Applications for the next round of funding must be submitted by March 3, 2003.



Website Address for Clean Ohio:  www.pwc.state.oh.us/clean_ohio.htm

Website Address for Hamilton County NRAC: www.hamilton-co.org/engineer/nrac.htm



Employee of the Year Profile:  Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson, chief assistant prosecuting attorney for the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office.  A long time County employee, Bill Anderson has served for the past two years as the Chief Assistant Prosecutor in charge of the white-collar crime/corruption in government unit.  Under Bill’s leadership the unit has worked with the organized crime task force to curb illegal gambling.  Bill has also been a leader in the vigorous prosecution of bank fraud and identity theft.  
Employee of the Year Bill Anderson leads the Prosecutor's White Collar crime/Governmental corruption unit.
Mr. Anderson is credited with being able to diligently prosecute complex and sensitive white-collar crimes while maintaining a primary focus on the citizen and victim.  The employees that work with Bill Anderson credit him with being a capable supervisor as well as an excellent teacher.  Bill’s service to the community extends beyond his work with Hamilton County.  He is an active volunteer, serving on the City of Wyoming Civil Service Commission and other community activities.


  County exceeds its Fine Arts Fund Goal
Hamilton County has exceeded its goal for this year's Fine Arts Fund contributions.  Through this volunteer giving program, County employees have pledged $23,349.00,  once again exceeding this year's goal.  Overall the 2002 Fine Arts Fund campaign raised $9,303,755!
  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Fine Arts Fund!  Overall, it was a successful campaign with the community-wide being met and exceeded.


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