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Frequently Asked Questions

                                        Frequently Asked Questions

 Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about real estate taxes.  Answers to the questions

 are also provided. Please understand that most policies regarding real estate taxes are set by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). 

 The local treasurer’s office has very little flexibility in most tax collection matters.


 Q.  My tax bill goes to my mortgage company, which pays taxes out of my escrow account.  How can I get a copy of my tax bill?

 A.  Simply call the treasurer’s office (946-4800/4820) with your request.  Please use the book plat parcel number, or address,

      to identify the property.  Keep in mind that a duplicate bill cannot be produced once it is paid, so try to make your request

      before the payment deadline.


 Q.  Do I get a discount if I pay my taxes early?

 A.  No


 Q.  Can I pay my taxes by credit card, and which cards are accepted?

 A.  Yes.  All major credit cards are accepted.  For more details, call the treasurer’s office at 946-4800/4820.


 Q.  How can I get my real estate taxes lowered? 

 A.  The amount of real estate taxes on your property is determined by tax levies in your community and the market value of

      your property.  The market value is the only one of the two that can be challenged. 

      For details on filing a challenge call the Board of Revision at 946-4035.


 Q.  Can I pay my taxes in installments?

 A.  You can pre-pay your taxes in installments.  For details, call  946-4788.


 Q.  How much is the penalty if I can’t pay  my taxes on time?

 A.  For the first ten 10 days the payment is late, the penalty is 5%. 

      After 10 days, the penalty, set by state law, increases to 10%.


 Q.  If I am penalized, can I challenge it.

 A.  Yes.  Call 946-4800 and request a penalty remission form.


 Q.  When are real estate taxes due?

 A.  Real estate taxes are paid twice a year, in June and in January.  The specific date can vary slightly, but the date

      will always be on the tax bill and on our web site.


 Q.  I’m not getting the 2 ½ % rollback.  How do I get it?

 A.  Contact the auditor’s office at 946-4099.


 Q.  Why am I not getting the stadium tax credit?

 A.  The stadium tax credit is automatic if you are entitled to, and are getting, the 2 1/2% rollback. 

      The latter is for property you own and occupy.


 Q.  Why am I getting two tax bills on the same property?

 A.  Because the property in question has more than one parcel.  A tax bill is created for each parcel.


 If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact the treasurer’s office at:


 513-946-4800/4820 -Real Estate Phone
 513-946-4780 -Delinquent Personal Property Phone
 513-946-4818/4837 -Real Estate Fax
 513-946-4844 -Delinquent Personal Property Fax



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