Commissioners Launch $5 Million Mortgage Relief Program

Program to help struggling homeowners financially impacted by the pandemic

Hamilton County homeowners suffering from financial losses due to COVID-19 now have a new local program they can turn to for help. Commissioners are launching the Hamilton County Mortgage and Utility Relief Program utilizing $5 million from the County's allocation of American Rescue Plan dollars. The Mortgage & Utility Relief Program operates much like the County's rent program, but for homeowners who are behind on their mortgage or utility bills.

"We've helped thousands of renters, small businesses and non-profits; this is the first time we've directly helped homeowners who are struggling to keep their homes due to the pandemic," said Commission President Stephanie Summerow Dumas.

"When talking with families at the 513Relief Bus, I hear the stress and anxiety from homeowners who have fallen behind due to COVID- this has been the missing link in our relief programs," said Commission Vice President Alicia Reece. "Keeping families safe in their homes and increasing homeownership has been a top priority for Hamilton County Commissioners."

"Having families in the homes they own allows those families to continue to build wealth for generations to come,"said Commissioner Denise Driehaus. "This is the financial bedrock of our community."

The Hamilton County Mortgage and Utility Relief Program is being administered by Hamilton County Job and Family Services. The program can provide assistance for up to six months in past-due mortgage payments and 12 months in past-due utility payments dating back to March 1, 2020. The Homeowner's primary residence must be located in Hamilton County. Second homes, rental properties, Airbnb's and similar types of rentals are not eligible. Homeowners must also have experienced a negative financial impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Number of People in Household 1 2 3 4 5 6
Max Income 80% of Area Median Income  $47,850 $54,650 $61,500 $68,300 $73,800 $79,250
Number of People in Household Max Income 80% of Area Median Income 
1 $47,850
2 $54,650
3 $61,500
4 $68,300
5 $73,800
6 $79,250


Eligible homeowners who received previous federal funding for mortgage help can still apply, but will not receive assistance for months of assistance they were previously awarded.

Payments from the County will be made directly to the mortgage servicer or to the utility company.

Similar to the County's Rent and Utility Relief Program, the Mortgage and Utility Relief Program's application can be submitted on a smart phone. If an applicant experiences computer troubles, or difficulty gathering appropriate documents, the United Way 211 Care Navigators can help guide and even complete applications for homeowners. Call 211, or text 211CARES to 51555, or email [email protected].

The 513 Relief Bus will also help applicants with the process, find the bus route here.

You can learn more about the Hamilton County Mortgage and Utility Relief Program here.

Posted on 10/28/2021