JFS Puts Hold on Rental Help, Waiting For Funding

After disbursing millions of dollars into the community to help people pay rent and utilities, Hamilton County Job and Family Services put a hold on new applications while awaiting additional federal funding.

The agency applied for an additional $40 million to continue meeting unmet rent and utility expenses caused by the pandemic.

First, to everyone who has already applied: This will not affect your applications. JFS is still processing those applications and will continue to do so until they're finished.

Over the past year, JFS paid out more than $35.5 million in Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) funds, preventing more than 11,000 evictions. Most of the approvals went to households led by women. These recipients were affected financially by Covid-19 and this program has helped make sure they don't become homeless.

"This program has done so much good for our community," said Michael Patton, JFS director. "It's unfortunate we have to do this, but it's the right thing in order to ensure current eligible applicants get funding before we take more applications."

The agency does not yet have a timeframe on when to expect an answer on the additional money. Applications will resume when additional funds are allocated.

Funding remains available for homeowners' assistance.

Updated information can be found at 513Relief.org.

Posted on 07/28/2022