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Stack test observations are the responsibility of the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency. These tests are performed to determine the types and amounts of air pollutants emitted from industrial sources. Stack tests consist of taking quantitative air samples from exhaust stacks and analyzing these samples to determine pollutant concentrations and mass emission rates. The pollutant emission rate established by a source test must be less than the allowable rate specified in the facility's permit to operate.

 When COVID-19 shut down the State of Ohio, the Agency took advantage of digital technology and made use of Zoom to conduct virtual stack tests. The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency was the first local air agency in the state to implement this procedure. Since June, the Agency has observed 44 stack tests, helping to ensure that industries are minimizing their air emissions.

To learn more about stack testing, visit our website at southwestohioair.org.



Posted by joy.landry  On Oct 08, 2020 at 11:00 AM