River City Facilities Governing Board

Expiration Date Member Last First
10/31/2022 Hornbach Anthony
10/31/2023 Hoskins DeAnna
10/31/2024 Ellsworth Dennis



HB 162 Facilities Governing Boards have the responsibility for submitting a proposal for a Community Based Correctional Facility and/or governing the facility created by the proposal.

Establishing Authority:

HB 162


According to the Ohio Revised Code, a facility governing board of a community-based correctional facility and program shall consist of at least six members, each member serving a three-year term. The judicial advisory board shall appoint two-thirds of the members, and the board or boards of county commissioners of the member counties shall appoint the remaining one-third, or portion thereof, of the members. The terms of persons appointed to the facility governing board shall be for a three-year term, with each term ending on the same day of the same month of the year as did the term it succeeds.


Bernice Gaiter, Administrative Director
River City Correctional Center
3220 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45225

Phone: (513) 946-6867
Fax: (513) 946-6999