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Hamilton County offers a generous benefits package for all full-time regular employees. 

  • medical and dental insurance
  • optional vision, accident, and critical illness insurance
  • long-term disability insurance
  • basic life insurance and optional voluntary life insurance
  • flexible spending accounts (health care and dependent care)
  • paid sick leave accumulating at 4.6 hours per pay period (15 days per year)
  • vacation benefits, with most departments beginning at 2 weeks after the first year
  • 10 paid holidays per year (see list)
  • membership in Ohio PERS   (retirement plan not part of Federal Social Security)
  • transportation reimbursement program (pre-tax deduction for commuting expenses)
  • employee assistance program
  • deferred compensation program

Read and learn about our Employee Contribution and Benefits Guide.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees may click here   to access more information regarding EAP and how to utilize the services.

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance

Hamilton County provides life insurance through The Hartford at no cost to eligible employees in the amount of their annual salary. This coverage decreases to 65% of an employee's salary on an employee's 65th birthday, and to 50% on an employee's 70th birthday. Employees are enrolled at the time of hire and may make changes to beneficiaries at any time.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Hamilton County also provides employees the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance coverage through The Hartford. Employees may enroll when newly hired and during open enrollment.

Once enrolled, changes in levels of coverage can only be made when a family status change occurs or during open enrollment (held in the fall of each year). Changes in beneficiaries can be made anytime during the year.


$martCommuter is an employee transportation reimbursement account which allows Hamilton County employees to pay for certain eligible parking, mass transit, and van pooling expenses through a pre-tax payroll deduction. This program is a benefit for all Hamilton County employees provided by the Board of County Commissioners and administered by Chard Snyder.

Deferred Compensation

Hamilton County offers three deferred compensation plans to employees. Participation in these programs is voluntary. With your authorization, a portion of your salary will be withheld using payroll deduction, and will be invested for payment to you at a later date. The deductions are pre-tax and are not subject to Federal or Ohio State Income Tax until paid to you.

What is a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and why should I be interested?

How much can I contribute and how does that affect my paycheck?

Why should I start contributions early?

CCAO (County Commissioners' Assoc. Deferred Comp Plan)  
Rachel Willoughby

Voya Financial(formerly ING Financial)  
Diane Brigano
Matthew Carter
Zachary Carter
Kevin Evans
Tammy Stamper

Ohio Deferred Compensation  
Tom Bugher at (513) 829-6499
Sean Slater at 1-877-644-6457

Questions?  Contact Kim Pennekamp in HR at 946-4705.