Employee Spotlight

Hamilton County organizations provide a multitude of services effectively, thanks to their outstanding employees. These employees work diligently to make a difference for our community. In these "I am Hamilton County" employee videos, you'll get a glimpse of a few of the dedicated employees who comprise Hamilton County government.

Tucker Stone, Supervisor/Sanitarian
Hamilton County Public Health

Supervisor/Sanitarian Tucker Stone enjoys that each day is different in his position within Hamilton County Public Health's Environmental Health division. His division handles multiple public-health programs, and he likes working with different government agencies, working with co-workers who have specialized knowledge, and helping the citizens of Hamilton County.

Adam Blundell, Manager / Environmental Technician 3
Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency

Hamilton County associate Adam Blundell works as Manager / Environmental Technician 3 for the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency. He likes that he's helping to protect the environment and giving the people of Hamilton County actionable information.

Brian Bell, Assistant Superintendent
Hamilton County Juvenile Court Youth Center

Hamilton County associate Brian Bell works as assistant director for the juvenile holding center more commonly called "20-20". His enthusiasm for his work and the care he brings to his job is a great story.

Dave Hoover, Equipment Operator 3 / Mechanic
Hamilton County Planning and Development

Dan Hoover works for Hamilton County, Ohio as an Equipment Operator 3 / Mechanic for storm sewers and fire hydrants. As he mentions, every day is different and he would never have imagined fire hydrants to be such a target for motorists!

Julie Wilson, Chief Assistant Prosecutor
Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Julie Wilson says her job is rewarding, interesting and fun, and she likes the challenge of being ready for anything at a moment's notice.

Lee Boettcher, Deputy Sheriff
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff Lee Boettcher currently serves as an Enforcement Officer in Lincoln Heights. He has been with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office for over 20 years and enjoys working with his brothers and sisters in the Sheriff's Department to keep the community safe.

Marjorie Bazin, Eligibility Technician
Hamilton County Job and Family Services

Eligibility Technician Marjorie Bazin gets a sense of accomplishment from knowing that her work has a positive impact on her clients' lives.

Robert Pounds, 911 Dispatcher
Hamilton County Communications Center

Communications Officer Robert Pounds says he enjoys working as a part of a strong team, and he gets satisfaction from knowing that his work supports his heroes: firefighters and officers of the law.