County Administration Building

Address: 138 East Court Street, Room 700, Cincinnati, OH 45202  Map

Many Departments are located in the County Administration Building. Personnel, Cagis, Road Records, Survey and the Budget Department all conduct business in the Downtown Office. Please call 513-946-4250.

Service Garage

West Galbraith service garage

Address: 223 W Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45215  Map

The Hamilton County Engineer's Service Garage is located on Galbraith Road in Hartwell, just behind The Drake Center. Here we maintain the vehicles operated by the Engineer's office as well as vehicles operated by other County agencies. Dial 513-946-8400.

The Service Garage is home to the Traffic Department. Please dial 513-946-8421 if you have a question concerning Traffic Operations in Hamilton County.

The Permit/Construction Department is also located at the Service Garage. Please call 513-946-8430 to speak to someone directly about your concerns.


Newtown - Round Bottom Road maintenance facility

Address: 3504 Round Bottom Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45244  Map

In Newtown, at the corner of Roundbottom Road and State Route 32, stands the Hamilton County Engineer's Eastern Maintenance Facility. If you need services provided by the Engineer's office and you live in the eastern part of Hamilton County please call 513-946-4979.


Burlington Road maintenance facility

Address: 10480 Burlington Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231  Map

The Burlington Maintenance Facility is located off of Burlington Road in Springfield Township. If you live in the central part of Hamilton County, please call 513-946-8900.


Western maintenance facility - Ripple Road

Address: 6950 Ripple Rd, Cleves, OH 45002  Map

The Western Maintenance Facility is located on Ripple Road, just outside of Miamitown. If you require a service provided by the Engineer's Office and you live in the western part of Hamilton County, please call 513-946-4969.