Integrating Committee, District Two

Expiration Date Member Last First  
05/31/2027 Beck Eric Chair
05/31/2027 Long Todd Alternate- (Beck)
05/31/2027 Lampley Paula
05/31/2027 Welsh Mary Alternate- (Lampley)



Evaluate materials submitted to the Committee by the local subdivisions located in the district concerning capital improvements for which assistance is sought from the state capital improvements fund and shall, pursuant to division (B) of this section, select the requests for financial assistance that will be formally submitted by the district to the director of the Ohio Public Works Commission. In order to provide for the efficient use of the district's state capital improvements fund allocation each year, a district committee shall assist its subdivisions in the preparation and coordination of project plans.

The committee shall give priority to capital improvement projects for the repair or replacement of existing infrastructure and which would be unlikely to be undertaken without assistance.

Establishing Authority:

House Bill 704 was enacted to establish nineteen District Integrating Committees throughout the State of Ohio. Hamilton County comprises District #2 under the provision of HB 704 consisting of a nine member District Integrating Committee. Ohio Administrative Code, Section 164.


The District Committee shall consist of nine (9) members appointed as follows: two (2) shall be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC); three (3) shall be appointed by the chief executive officer of the most populous municipal corporation in the district; two (2) shall be appointed by a majority of the other chief executive officers of municipal corporations in the district; and two (2) shall be appointed by a majority of the boards of township trustees in the district. Of the appointments made by the BOCC, one (1) shall have experience in local infrastructure planning and economic development, and one (1) shall be either a county commissioner or a county engineer of the district. The affirmative vote of at least seven members of the Committee is required for any action taken by a vote of the Committee.


Fred Schlimm, District 2 Liaison Officer

Phone: (513) 946-8912
Email: [email protected]
Website: SCIP / LTIP