For Residents

Citizen Participation

The Community Development Act provides for the involvement of citizens in all facets of the Program. Due to the large number of communities participating in the County CD program and the variety of local community development needs encountered, each local community is encouraged to develop a citizen participation structure appropriate to its situation.

The Community Development Department is available to provide technical assistance to communities in formulating their local CD Program. Additionally, assistance will be provided on request to interested citizens, neighborhood groups, and low and moderate income persons in developing proposals for funding. For further information please call us at (513) 946-8236.

The full Citizen Participation Plan can be accessed here.

Income Limits

Many of our programs require income qualification. For programs requiring income qualification the regulations provide for benefiting  those with incomes at a certain percentage of median income (AMI). Below are the 2024 Income Limits as determined by HUD, they are reproduced here for convenience:

Hamilton County CDBG and HOME Income Limits

Effective: 4/1/2024   
AMI 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
30% $22,050  $25,200 $28,350 $31,450 $36,580 $41,960 $47,340 $52,720
50%  $36,700 $41,950  $47,200 $52,400 $56,600 $60,800 $65,000  $69,200 
80%  $58,700 $67,100  $75,500  $83,850  $90,600  $97,300  $104,000  $110,700