Symmes Township Zoning

Zoning in Symmes Township is controlled by the Symmes Township Trustees. A township Zoning Resolution was approved by the voters of Symmes Township in 1996. However, the Symmes Township Trustees have contracted with the Hamilton County Planning & Development Department for zoning administration. Therefore, all zoning permits and applications are made through the office of the Hamilton County Planning and Development Department in the County Administration Building located at 138 E. Court Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Below is a link to the Symmes Township Zoning Resolution and Zoning Application Forms. If you have any questions or need help making a zoning application, please call (513) 946-4550.

How to Apply for a Zoning Certificate in Symmes Township  

Zoning Certificate Application (with fees)  

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Symmes Township Zoning Resolution  

Symmes Fee Schedule - 2024  

Symmes Zoning Permit Fee Schedule - 2024