The Bridge Department is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of 421 bridges on the County roadway system. By state law, each structure must be inspected annually. Bridges determined to be structurally deficient or functionally obsolete are included in the Capital Improvement Plan for rehabilitation or replacement.

Please use this link to view the HCE Bridge Inspection Dashboard.

The Bridge Department strives to preserve historic structures whenever possible in its mission to constantly improve the condition of its infrastructure. To date this office has received three awards in Recognition of Outstanding Efforts in the Rehabilitation of Historic Structures from the Ohio Department of Transportation. In 1993 the award was received for the Rehabilitation of the Benson Street Bridge, a concrete rainbow arch, in 1994 for the rehabilitation of the Kemper Road Bridge over Sharon Woods Lake and in 1997 for the Willey Road Bridge.  In addition, the County Engineers Association of Ohio awarded the Historic Preservation Award to the Oxford Road Bowstring Arch Bridge, an 1860s bridge refurbished and relocated to the Crosby Township Senior Center.

The Bridge Department also designs and constructs retaining structures to correct landslides, which affect the public right of way.

In our effort to keep our bridges in good condition, the Bridge Department oversees the daily work of the bridge maintenance crew. The "Bridge Crew" completes routine maintenance and minor repairs in an attempt to keep the structures functioning as designed.  


Western Hills Viaduct

Virtual Public Meeting on Western Hills Viaduct Replacement

The City of Cincinnati’s Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE) and the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office will share and discuss details about the recommended design of the Western Hills Viaduct replacement.

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting Links:

Online: then click on the meeting link.

Direct to Zoom:

By phone: Call (312) 626-6799 and enter the ID number: 848 6222 4573

The meeting will be streamed live on You Tube for anyone wishing to watch but not participate. A recording also will be posted after the meeting concludes.

To watch, go to:

For more information, view the meeting announcement.

Oxford Rd Bowstring Arch

Oxford Road Bowstring Arch


Bridge in original location

Oxford Road Bowstring Arch - new location

Bridge deck installed at new location

Oxford Road Bowstring Arch - part of walking trail

Bridge is now part of a walking trail

The Oxford Road bowstring arch bridge originally spanned Howard Creek in Crosby Township.  It was refurbished and relocated to become part of a walking trail at the Crosby Township Senior Center.  It was dedicated on September 16, 2006.  The County Engineers Association of Ohio awarded this structure the Historic Preservation Award.

The bridge was featured in Structure Magazine in its May, 2007 issue.  Click on the link below to view the article in PDF format (Adobe Reader required).


Stateline Road Bridge

Stateline Bridge 1

Stateline Bridge 2

Stateline Bridge 3

The Engineer's Office wishes to thank Ann Griessmann for helping to identify the only photo we had of this old bridge and for giving us copies of her photographs to add to our collection.

Kemper Road Bridge

Branch Hill Road

History of Branch Hill Bridge

Original Branch Hill suspension bridge Blue Bridge suspension bridge built in 1922
The original suspension bridge over the Little Miami River on Branch Hill was built around 1860. The 'Blue Bridge' was built in 1922 and replaced the suspension bridge.

Blue Bridge in color

Present Day suspension bridge

The 'Blue Bridge' was in service until 1996. The newest bridge is built to last 100 years and is resistant to road salt.

Covered Bridge

Hamilton County has one remaining covered bridge on public right of way.  It is located on Covered Bridge Road (oddly enough) just off of Miles Road near the intersection of Mill Road.


Covered Bridge in 1898


Sometime prior to 1898


Covered bridge circa 1920


Circa 1920


Covered Bridge in the 1930's


In the 1930's


Covered Bridge plaque


Covered Bridge interior


Covered Bridge 1980's


The bridge was refurbished in the 1980's.

Lost Bridge

 History of the Lost Bridge

Lawrenceburg Road in Miami and Whitewater Townships

(Lawrenceburg Road Bridge B-0325)

Lost Bridge Lawrenceburg Road

William W. Brayshaw PE PS

Hamilton County Engineer

By Marjorie Byrnside Burress & Stephen J. Mary P.E. with Jane Cole

Dedicated September 2, 1995

Willey Road Bridge

The Hamilton County Engineer's Bridge Department completed the rehabilitation of this rare 'Rainbow Arch' bridge, originally built in 1931. ASCENT Magazine awarded KZF Incorporated, consultant for the project, with "BEST REHABILITATED BRIDGE".

Willey Bridge - Ascent Magazine

The ASCENT magazine reports on the growing influence and achievement of precast and prestressed concrete in the construction industry. ASCENT is published for architects, engineers, bridge engineers, government officials, owners/developers, educators, contractors, and public officials. Editorial coverage includes architectural profiles, engineering/contractor/owner-developer features, case studies, Precast Progress/projects on the boards, and a listing of all PCI  -Certified plants.


High Performance Concrete

Hamilton County High Performance Concrete

The Hamilton County Engineer's Office has been using a high performance concrete for Bridge Decks and Bridge Deck Overlays for the past 15 years. Hamilton County Engineer Bill Brayshaw, believes that the key to achieving a durable chloride resistant, dense, concrete with low permeability is to start with the basics of low water cement ratio, reduction of fines, use of chemical admixtures, such as water reducers and set retarders, silica fume, corrosion inhibitors and the addition of fibers to reduce cracking due to plastic shrinkage. Numerous projects have been completed using this High Performance Mix Design including the following bridges that have exhibited minimal or no deck cracking.


Road Bridge Deck Area Comments
Elliot Avenue AHT-0020 84' X 32' No cracking
Lawrenceburg B-0325 775' x 32' No cracking concrete beams
Wooster FAI-0008 300' x 46' Minor cracking steel beams
Hopewell B-0310 305' x 42' No cracking concrete beams
Blue Rock B-0009 600' x 6' One minor crack
Benson Street REA/LOC-0000 73' x 50 No cracking / concrete through arch
West Road B-0270 132' x 35' No cracking
Wyoming Avenue LOC-0097 102' x 40' Minor cracking over pier / concrete I-beams

Hamilton County will continue to improve the quality and durability of the high performance concrete bridge decks by specifying an improved grading of the aggregates. For more information on High Performance Concrete, contact the Bridge Department at (513) 946-8418.