Planning & Design

The Planning & Design (P&D) department is responsible for all plans that involve the improvement of a county road. These responsibilities include the development of the concept of the improvement, the preparation and/or review of detailed plans, the acquisition of the necessary easements and/or right-of-way, the preparation of the notes and quantities for the bidding process and the selection of a contractor to construct the improvements. After a contractor has been selected, the improvement project would be under the jurisdiction of the Permit & Construction department.

Capital Improvements

The Hamilton County Engineer prepares a two year capital improvement program. To see the current listing of projects click on the links below. Engineering projects are contracts to prepare detailed engineering plans for future bridge and roadway projects and the roadway and bridge projects are the proposed construction of improvements. The actual timing on the projects is dependent upon available financial leveraging to secure needed funding.

Hamilton County Engineer Capital Improvement Plan (Roadways) 2020/2021

Hamilton County Engineer Capital Improvement Plan (Structures) 2020/2021

Fields Ertel (Wilkens to Snider)

Project Scope:

The Fields-Ertel Widening Project will widen Fields-Ertel Rd. between Wilkens Blvd. and Snider Rd. from two to five lanes. Two lanes will be built in each direction, along with a center turn lane. Curb, gutter, and storm sewer improvements will be made, and a sidewalk will be built along the north side of the project.

Project Benefits:

Currently, the road suffers from poor vertical alignment and sight distance issues. In addition, the road is carrying more traffic than it was intended to, and congestion is a problem during peak travel times.
The proposed improvements will adjust the roadway alignment, support better connectivity and travel times, and make this section of road safer for those who travel through this busy area in southwest Warren County and northeast Hamilton County.

Anticipated Project Timing:

Design: Complete
Right-of-Way: Work ongoing
Utility Relocation: 2023
Construction: Estimated to Begin Construction 3/1/24 and Estimated to End Construction 11/1/25

Estimated Construction Cost:

$12.5 million