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2021 Annual Report - Available Here

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Hamilton County Engineer's Office Personnel & Safety Policy Manuals

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Policies are defined as the basic rules that guide administrative action in accomplishing an organization's objectives. Comprehensive and clearly defined policies, which are consistently and fairly administered, are essential to the success of any organization.

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Permits must be acquired for all work performed within the public right of way. Utilities, private contractors or municipal agencies usually do this work. Permits are typically for installation of new utility mains and services, new or reconstructed driveways and sidewalks and may also be for emergency repairs. Permit applications are initiated at our office on the Seventh Floor of the County Administration Building, 138 East Court Street or the Second Floor of the Hamilton County Service Garage located at 223 West Galbraith Road.   A Clerk is available to accept applications, plans and permit fees at each location. After processing they are forwarded to the field office located in the Hamilton County Engineer's Service Garage, 223 West Galbraith Road. After approval of the permit, work is scheduled, an inspector is assigned to the project and is on site to assure that all rules and regulations are adhered to from ground breaking to final restoration or completion of the project. This department also answers complaints from the public. These complaints are varied, but include obstructions in the right of way, drainage problems, advertising illegally placed in the right of way and problems that may occur due to new construction.

Road Records

Available Public Records on File:
Hamilton County Highway Map - Free Distribution
Hamilton County Survey Record Books - From the mid 1800s to present
Hamilton County Road Record Books - From 1793 to present
Atlas of Hamilton County - 1869 and 1884
Topography Maps with Property Overlays
Aerial Photographs
Historical Hamilton County Maps - 1847 and 1848 (Reproducible)


The Engineer's Traffic Department is responsible for performing traffic studies which establish  No Parking Zones, Signalizing Intersections and Stop Sign locations.  These studies are then brought before the Board of County Commissioners who are the sole authority to apply traffic laws (except Speed Limits) in unincorporated areas of Hamilton County .

A study to establish a Speed Limit on a road in an unincorporated area of Hamilton County is submitted to the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation.   ODOT has sole authority to set speed limits on county roads.

In the process of performing these studies, we gather data which is valuable to the public for other purposes.