Survey & GIS

Survey/GIS Department provides specific services as well as carrying out directives from the County Engineer. These services and directives include surveying, record keeping, providing tax maps, reviewing deeds and maintaining necessary data for the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (C.A.G.I.S.). Information available to the public includes:

Survey Information: Surveys, Field notes, Section Corners and Military Surveys Corners, Bench Marks with State Plane Coordinates and Elevations

Tax Map Information: Tax Maps (shows property lines, roads, subdivision names, indexing system of property - Book, Page, and Parcel)

C.A.G.I.S. Information: C.A.G.I.S. is a group of Agencies * who are working together to share infrastructure and land use information. This information provides Hamilton County a powerful resource combining a wide range of data (Tax Map, Permits, Zoning, Buildings, Roads, Streams, etc.). This resource allows limitless ability for this office to track changes, plan development, analyze information and overall better serve Hamilton County more efficiently and at less cost. Paper or Mylar Plots (at nominal charge) showing property lines, physical features (roads, fences, streams, etc.), elevations and actual photographs taken from the air are available.

* City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Hamilton County Engineer, Metropolitan Sewer District, Greater Cincinnati Water Works, Duke Energy, and Cincinnati Bell Telephone.

Benchmark Books

Section Corners