Building Services & Housekeeping

Building Services Encompasses

  • policing and stocking of restrooms during daytime hours
  • policing and sweeping of lobbies and hallways during daytime hours
  • thorough janitorial services after normal business hours including dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and solid waste removal and disposal
  • periodic carpet cleaning and/or extraction
  • replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • contracting with professional window washing companies for periodic washing of the buildings' windows
  • signage standardization
  • providing entrance mats and runners in public areas
  • integrated pest management (inside buildings and facilities)
  • policing of County grounds
  • landscaping maintenance (lawns, ground cover, and flower beds)
  • snow and ice management at building entrances and select parking lots
  • coordinating metal maintenance
  • furniture set up for Special Events
  • reporting building and equipment repairs, as noticed while performing other duties
  • scheduling trash removal
Building Services can assist in providing the following special services if requested by a department. There is usually a charge involved with these:
  • purchase, installation and/or repair of window coverings
  • installation, repair and/or replacement of carpet and tile flooring
  • upholstery and wall carpet cleaning
  • non-routine carpet cleaning
  • wood floor refinishing
  • after hours special Event set up and clean up
  • moving of equipment and furniture

Our Building Services Section is comprised of seven full-time employees and over 75 contract cleaners who are jointly responsible for the cleaning and grounds maintenance of more than 1.5 million square feet of County buildings. In addition, we oversee the pest control, window cleaning, light bulb replacement, landscaping, snow removal, alarm monitoring and metal maintenance.

It is our desire to provide facilities which are aesthetically pleasing, healthy, user friendly, and conducive to conducting County business. We will develop partnerships with other County departments and agencies and, within our budget resources, deliver services based on their needs.

We ask for your help, as a visitor or an employee, to dispose of trash only in designated containers. Be sure the trash goes in to the containers, not around them.

Housekeeping is a progressive industry. Equipment upgrades and technology improvements have increased the productivity rates and subsequent expectations. We are always looking for better ways to keep our level of cleaning at an acceptable standard for Hamilton County. The most dramatic change in custodial work is the knowledge and technology required of todays' worker. The name janitor originated from the Roman god janus, who was a god of doorways. He possessed two faces so that he could watch both sides of an entrance at once. Over time, the word evolved in to what we now know as janitor.

The responsibilities of our custodial workers extend far beyond being able to dust a table or mop a floor. Each person must know and understand how to properly handle and dispose of bloodborne pathogens, parasites such as lice, how to read and follow material safety and data sheets, and of course be able to follow the proper cleaning procedures of all of the chemicals and cleaning products they come in contact with throughout the day.

Carpet Cleaning

Non-routine carpet cleaning is requested and performed in addition to the once-per-year extraction scheduled as maintenance. If you would like to have your office carpet cleaned, please contact our Building Services Manager Sheila Hope   who will arrange for a qualified contractor to provide you with a fixed cost and schedule the work to be performed. If you are not satisfied with their work, please contact us immediately.

800 Broadway Conference Room Scheduling

If you are a County agency and wish to reserve a conference room in the 800 Broadway Building, we can assist you with the 16th floor. Different table/chair set ups may be available. Contact us Here   or (513) 946-5000.

Grounds Maintenance

This service is provided through a combination of private contractors who were chosen through competitive bidding, and our in-house staff. The contractors are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of flowers, shrubs, trees and grassy areas. Our in-house staff polices the flower beds and building grounds on a daily basis.

Hallways and Stairwells

Hallways and stairwells are an important part of our duties, as they are areas that virtually every building user observes. Their appearance is often the basis for evaluating the cleanliness of the entire building. Many cleaning professionals when talking about "cleaning for health" speak of cleaning from the outside in. It is far more efficient and cost effective to prevent dirt, soil, and pollutants from entering an area than it is to remove it once it has come to rest throughout the building. If we can keep our inside entries, halls, and stairs clean, it will reduce the dirt, soil, etc. carried into offices, court rooms, and restrooms.

Keeping the County Buildings well lighted...

Night lighting efforts require constant vigilance on our part. Our personnel replace exterior bulbs as needed, and we ensure the shrubs are trimmed back from walkways to keep them from interfering with light sources.

You can help too!

If you notice a burned out light or any especially dark areas, call your Building Manager, submit a work order via weblink, or call our main office at (513) 946-5000. Thank you for helping keep our property safe. For your own safety, please select well-lit pathways, even if it takes a few extra minutes to arrive at your destination. "Safety is first."


Laboratories have individual needs due to the different types of work performed and the hours of the researchers. It is our desire to provide a service rather than get in the way. Therefore, our cleaning schedule is normally mutually determined between the lab users and our department.


Entranceways are a key to the general building appearance and to the indoor air quality throughout the building. In all buildings, almost all of the dirt found inside came from outside the building. Dirt, soil, and debris come in on the shoes and clothes of people entering the building and can get tracked through the entire facility. Cleaning professionals estimate the cost to remove this material to be as much as $600 per pound. The proper use of walk-off mats can reduce and eliminate the soil that gets into the building and can subsequently prolong the life of the floor. This means a lower cost of maintenance and better looking floors. So, please wipe your feet thoroughly on the entry mats as you visit our buildings.

Moving of Equipment

Current resources do not allow for most moving services. Exceptions may be made for a few small boxes or a single piece of furniture. HCFD will assist you in contacting qualified outside vendors who specialize in this type of service. Contact (513) 946-5000 for assistance.

Offices/Court Rooms

Offices and court rooms are cleaned nightly. This includes dusting, damp wiping where applicable, mopping tile floors, vacuuming carpet and trash removal. However, our resources do not allow us to provide you an environment like your own home, or one that might be offered by a residential maid service. Hopefully by working together cooperatively, we can provide you a comfortable working environment.

Pest Control

This service is provided through a private contractor who was chosen through competitive bidding. We have regular treatment schedules. If you have a need for such a service, please contact our Building Services Manager Sheila Hope  .


Restrooms are the number one priority for our custodial staff, and will be cleaned on a daily basis. With the heavy use of many of our restrooms, we realize that depending on the time you use the restroom, it may not be as clean as you would like. We, as you, are limited by resources available. However, we are constantly improving our cleaning products, equipment, training, and processes to better serve you. It is our sincere hope that these improvements in efficiency will free up sufficient time to allow us to clean our heavier-used restrooms more often.

Snow and Ice Management

Snow removal and salting can be an ongoing service throughout the day and night, depending on weather conditions. We are responsible for the snow and ice management services around the Courthouse, Administration Building, 800 Broadway Building and the three adjacent corners, William Howard Taft Center, 237 William Howard Taft building, 250 William Howard Taft building, 264 William Howard Taft building, Coroner's Office, Record's Center, Patrol Headquarters, Communication Center, Educational Services Center, and the B&B parking lot. Our first priority is to hand shovel all entrances to each building and the steps leading to them. Next are the walkways surrounding the buildings, followed by the parking lots.

We believe that the combined efforts of our department, our qualified contractors, Public Works, Sheriff Department, and the Engineer's department, provide our employees and visitors the safest possible walkways and entries. It is impossible to have a person stationed by each door throughout the day to shovel, apply ice melt, and to wipe up the wet spots in our entries and halls as the snow melts off of shoes. In winter weather, please carefully consider the shoes you will be wearing and the traction they might provide you. Look down when you walk and avoid possible hazards. Be extra careful on slopes, we don't want to see any of you get hurt. If you know of a building entry that is particularly slick and is causing an unsafe situation, please contact our main office immediately at (513) 946-5000.

Solid Waste Removal

Trash removal is a rather simple process that is performed daily. However, this is also a very labor intensive task. Did you know that approximately 17% (according to the 2002 Contract Cleaner Statistical Survey in Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine) of our custodial labor hours are spent emptying trash? In an effort to continue to improve our processes, we are reviewing possible alternatives to our current trash removal procedures.

Special Event Assistance

Each year we assist various different agencies and organizations in making their "Special Events" successful. These have included Mock Trials sponsored by the Cincinnati Bar Association, Court Reporter Testing, a Candlelight Vigil in memory of those who lost their lives to domestic violence, Jammin' On Main, and the filming of movies and commercials. Depending on the date and time of the event, as well as your specific needs, there may be a charge. The first step in arranging a Special Event is to call our main office at (513) 946-5000 and request an Application for Permit to Use County Facilities or Property  .

Or click this link Application for Permit to Use County Facilities or Property   and fill out the application.  Any questions regarding the completion of the application can be directed to Inger Rothering 946-5075.

Vending Machines

We oversee the vending machine service in the 800 Broadway Building, the Court House, the Administration Building, the North and South buildings of the Justice Center, and the William Howard Taft Center. If you experience problems with any of these machines, contact us Here   or (513) 946-5000.

Window Blind Cleaning

We will as part of our normal services dust your window blinds one time per month. We will also be the first to tell you that this is not the only type of cleaning that is suggested. However, the cost to actually remove and ultrasonically clean all of our window blinds is in excess of our resources.

If you would like to have your window blinds ultrasonically cleaned, please contact our Building Services Manager Sheila Hope  . We will then contact a window blind cleaning contractor who has been approved by our purchasing department to provide these services. The contractor will then contact you, provide you with an estimate, and schedule the work to be performed through both you and our department. If you are not satisfied with the work of the contractor, contact us immediately. Please do not contact a contractor on your own. The contractor should be approved through the purchasing department and meet all of the necessary insurance and bonding requirements.

Window Cleaning

This service is provided through a private contractor who was chosen through competitive bidding. Our resources allow us to clean the windows periodically throughout the year.