Safety & Security

Mission and Vision

The Risk Management Office of Safety and Security supports the overall mission and goals of Hamilton County by providing pro-active loss control assessment, consultation, and loss prevention strategies to support the infrastructure and operating environment of all County Departments and Elected Officials in carrying out their responsibilities. Our mission is to work with and provide support to all County agencies to keep our operational environments healthy, safe and secure in order to prevent unnecessary loss due to preventable operational incidents and injuries. Our vision is that all members of our County departments and agencies will pro‚Äźactively manage risk and embrace sustainable health and safety practices in all aspects of its operations. Our vision statement is “safety in everything we do.”

Operating Principles

  • We are partners with all departments and agencies; not a group of “safety cops”
  • We are professionals in the safety and security field
  • We are your advocates for safety and security!
  • We are in-house consultants for the county
  • We are problem-solvers; not determined to make things harder, just safer
  • We are visionaries committed to looking ahead and achieving excellence in safety and security with the vision of a well-defined safety program and system throughout the County

Goals and Objectives

  1. Risk Management: Advance the discipline of risk management, safety, and security in County operations to minimize loss exposures.
  2. Compliance: Help County partners comply with safety, health and environmental regulations to minimize risk.
  3. Standardization: Establish standard safety and security practices across County Departments as part of the overall risk management program.
  4. Partnerships: Enhance partnerships with all Departments, Elected Officials, Agencies, and County vendors.
  5. Empowerment: Empower County personnel in efforts to protect the health and safety of employees and the public.
  6. Integration: Help integrate Risk Management and Safety/Security practices into all county planning and operations.


What We Do...

Diagram - What We Do: Safety Support Services & Security Support Services

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