Field Operations

Planning + Development Field Operations investigates storm water drainage problems that may occur within the unincorporated county limits. When possible, we offer solutions to storm water drainage concerns.

We are responsible for snow removal on 14 County owned properties, maintain 7 county owned parcels, 11 public storm water inlet locations that are prone to getting obstructed, and 8 cell tower stations.

We also repair and replace storm sewers and fire hydrants throughout the unincorporated areas of Hamilton County. We are proud to state our goal of responding to drainage inquires and the repairing of inoperable fire hydrants within 24 hours is met 90% of the time.

We are located in Springfield Township with hours from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

For drainage inquiries or if you have questions concerning any of the above mentioned items, please feel free to contact our Field Operations office at (513) 946-8950 or fax at (513) 946-8954.

You may also Send Email   to Bruce McClain - Field Operations Superintendent.