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Combined Exhibit 33 Storm Water Detention Calculator  
Exhibit 33 to calculate the results of all three calculators below. Enter site data on the first page only and a summary of all results will be displayed on the first page, the individual calculators seen below will be automatically populated on the subsequent sheets of the workbook.

Exhibit 33 Storm Water Detention Q1 - Q10 Calculator  
Exhibit 33 to calculate the intermediate volume and the lower Pre Development Q1 orifice release rate.

Exhibit 33 Storm Water Detention Q10 - Q100 Calculator  
Exhibit 33 to calculate the required total volume, the Pre Development Q10 orifice release rate and the Post Development Q100 release rate.

Exhibit 33 Storm Water Detention Exemption Calculator  
Exhibit 33 to calculate Storm Water Detention Exemption only.


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Water Quality Design Resources

All development and redevelopment in the unincorporated townships of Hamilton County that disturb over 1 acre are subject to compliance with Hamilton County Storm Water District's Article V - Post Construction Storm Water Quality Regulations and Ohio EPA's Construction General Permit (OHC000005).

OEPA's Storm Water Technical Assistance materials provide a multitude of resources to aid in the design of Post Construction Stormwater Controls. Typically, a development will be required to detain the calculated Water Quality Volume for the minimum drain time required for the chosen Post-Construction Practice as specified in Table 510-C of Article V.

Lastly, Ohio's Rainwater and Land Development Manual (RLDM) provides design standards, specifications, and guidelines for designing pre-approved Post Construction Stormwater Controls as well as design criteria for required forebays, micropools, and acceptable pretreatment options. This Manual also provides design specifications for alternative BMPs, pre- through post-construction runoff and erosion control, and Runoff Reduction Practices.

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