The Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (“Landbank”)

The Hamilton County Landbank’s mission is to put abandon and vacant properties back to productive use to transform communities one lot at a time.

In the past, doing something about blighted properties used to be very difficult for communities. In 2010, the Ohio General Assembly passed HB 313 that allows Hamilton County to form a county land reutilization corporation ("landbank"). A landbank is a focused, purposeful program to help communities and clean up abandoned properties.

In October 2011, The Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (“Landbank”) was incorporated by the County Treasurer and the Landbank Board was appointed in January 2012. In February 2012, the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority (The Port) was contracted to serve as the management company for the Landbank. Under this agreement, The Port staff provides all executive and administrative services for the Landbank. This relationship allows the Landbank to utilize the tools, expertise, and resources of The Port as to efficiently carry out the Landbank's purpose and goals.


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