Hamilton County Regional Safety Complex

Regional Safety Complex Exterior Rendering

Project Summary

Over the past several years, Hamilton County and partners ranging from the City of Cincinnati, the Village of Lincoln Heights, the Village of Evendale, the Village of Woodlawn, as well as school district and local health organizations, have banded together to attempt to relocate the firing range serving the needs of the Cincinnati Police Department which is currently located in Evendale, Ohio. The range, which has been in its current location since 1947, produces the sound of gunfire during its 300 days per year of operation. The gunfire is a constant in the lives of residential neighbors surrounding the facility with approximately 2,300 residents located within one-half mile of the range. Many of these residents are youth, under the age of 15, living in a community with high rates of gun violence and crime. The sound creates a mental toll which cannot be understated and which has caused community leaders to rally behind the effort to move the range.

The partners in this effort have sought to move the CPD firing range to a co-located site with the County Sheriff’s training location in Colerain Township, in order to create a Regional Safety Complex which can be used by local, state and federal partners.

Not only will the movement of the range improve the quality of life for surrounding residents, it will also open up the site for investments and job production in one of Hamilton County's most strategic industrial corridors known as Project Aerohub.

Project Documents

  1.   Updated Schematic Design Renderings (7/8/22)
  2.   Renderings of a consolidated regional safety complex
  3.   VOE AeroHub Concept Rendering Close Up
  4.   Issue Paper Summarizing Regional Safety Complex project
  5.   Past letters of support for moving the gun range

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