Robert L. Bell, Director

Robert L. Bell - Director, Economic Inclusion

In January 2018, Robert Bell was appointed by County Commissioners as Director of Economic Inclusion for Hamilton County, Ohio. His initiative called BOLD - "Building Opportunities by Leveraging Diversity" has been implemented County-wide to ensure inclusion and diversity becomes a priority in county operations (hiring and staffing) as well as in county procurement and purchasing practices.

His accomplishments include the re-establishment of Hamilton County's SBE program, the completion of the County's first Disparity Study, and recently the establishment and full implementation of the County’s first MBE and WBE required goals program. in February 2023, Robert was recognized for his recent accomplishments in Cincinnati and Hamilton County by Cincinnati City Council members who presented him with a resolution naming him a 2024 Black History Month Honoree.

Robert brings significant inclusion experience to Hamilton County. Previously, he headed the HUD mandated Section 3 Jobs and Economic Inclusion Programs for the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA).

Robert was named the "Economic Inclusion Advocate of the Year" in 2016 at the Midwest Regional Environmental Sustainability Summit. In early 2017, he received a National "Merit Award" for helping CMHA residents lift themselves out of poverty through the National Sherwin Williams Painter Training Program; and later that year, his "Building for the Future" program was nominated as a "National Best Practice" by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and was awarded the "National Award of Excellence" by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials for his success in helping minority and women-owned businesses grow and prosper.

He brings additional experience in program management, service effectiveness, economic development, teaching and training, and contract compliance from previous positions at Beech Acres, and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

Robert received his MBA from Xavier University and his undergraduate degree in Sociology from Edgecliff College.

Highly active in the community over the past 20 years, Robert has volunteered his services in strategic planning, continuous improvement, economic development and board leadership training with many non-profits and other public institutions throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Travina Adams, 513Relief Program Manager

Travina Adams - 513Relief Program Manager, Economic Inclusion

Travina Adams recently joined the Economic Inclusion and Equity Department as the 513Relief Program Manager. She previously served a 22-year career at the Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services (HCJFS). During her tenure at HCJFS, Ms. Adams worked in Child Support Enforcement, Pregnancy Services, Children's Services-Program Support, and Adoption and Foster care.

Travina coordinated many successful adoption recruitment events that helped facilitate increased adoptions at HCJFS and was rewarded for her efforts in 2016 with the Blacksmith Award by the Public Relations Society of American for her creation and execution of the first Hamilton County, Adoption and Foster Care Heart Gallery, a traveling photo exhibition featuring children needing adoptive parents. Travina was also critical in the development and facilitation of Hamilton County's Youth Advisory Board, a support and mentoring group serving teenage and young adult foster children.

In her new role, Travina is responsible for the Hamilton County Equity and Resources Mobile Tech Bus Program (513 Relief Bus) which provides community-based COVID-19 and other health services, economic relief, and a variety of social services directly to Hamilton County citizens.

Having served as an elected official for the city of Forest Park, Travina has a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and Professional Communications, a Master's degree in Public Administration, and a Certification in Project Management.

Scott Wilson, 513Relief Bus Vehicle Operator

Scott Wilson - 513Relief Bus Vehicle Operator

In the winter of 2023, Scott started his new career with the Economic Inclusion and Equity Department as the Vehicle Operator of the 513Relief Bus. Scott has embraced his new position and does all that he can to make sure residents that come to the bus have a positive experience.

In 2007 Scott Wilson started working at Hamilton County's Planning and Development Field Division working on fire hydrants, storm sewers and maintaining County properties. In his fifteen years at Planning and Development's Field Division, Scott advanced to Operator 3/Crew Leader, and spent many hours in safety training to perform duties related to his role.

Gabrielle Woehler, Small Business Utilization Coordinator

Gabrielle Woehler - Small Business Utilization Coordinator, Economic Inclusion

Gabrielle Woehler joined the Economic Inclusion and Equity Department as the Small Business Utilization Coordinator in the fall of 2022. Gabrielle previously participated in research projects with the University of Cincinnati evaluating ways in which incorporating artificial intelligence into government systems can perpetuate systemic inequities. In addition, her research at UC also evaluated policies, practices, and programs adopted by local governments that impact policing of marginalized communities. Her prior research has focused on uncovering the root causes of inequitable practices and evaluating their implications.

Gabrielle previously completed a report to the Economic Inclusion and Equity Department evaluating the barriers and best practices to implementing the Government Alliance on Race and Equity's strategies to create equity in government in Hamilton County.

In her role as Small Business Utilization Coordinator, Gabrielle monitors and reports on the utilization of small, minority, and women-owned businesses and recruits and provides development and support. Additionally, she assists in implementing new economic inclusion and purchasing software, policies, and systems related to small and diverse business economic inclusion initiatives. Lastly, Gabrielle maintains Hamilton County's BOLD Directory, a list of certified small, minority, and women-owned businesses seeking to do business with Hamilton County.

Gabrielle received her Master's in Public Administration and Social Justice with a specialization in Public Management and her Bachelor's in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati.

Alice Bledsoe, INSPIRE Youth Initiative Program Coordinator

Alice Bledsoe - INSPIRE Youth Initiative Program Coordinator

Alice Bledsoe joined the Economic Inclusion and Equity Department as the INSPIRE Youth Initiative Program Coordinator in the spring of 2023. In her role as program coordinator, Alice will interact with grassroots organizations to assist with funding from the INSPIRE Youth Initiative grant program. Alice meets organizations where they are and assists with program advancement.

Alice previously worked in finance for 20 years, and mental health for the past five years. Alice worked in program development, substance abuse counseling, and HIV prevention while attending the University of Cincinnati. Her belief is that everyone can be successful if given the opportunity. Alice received Talbert House employee excellence awards due to providing crisis intervention and advocacy for at risk teens.

In her previous financial roles, Alice used her financial acumen, problem-solving skills, and her drive to serve others to maintain accurate financial documentation and assist with organizations' financial growth. Alice and her team received awards in 2004, 2005, 2009, and 2011. Alice also received bonuses for exceeding performance goals in excellence and achievement from 1998 to 2012.

Alice received her Master's degree in Applied Psychology and her undergraduate degrees in psychology, and finance from the University of Cincinnati.

Mary Maune, Hamilton County Commission on Women & Girls Program Coordinator

Mary Maune - Hamilton County Commission on Women & Girls Program Coordinator

Mary Maune began leading the Hamilton County Commission on Women & Girls in December of 2021. In her role, she serves the Commission's role of engaging with community partners, civic organizations, and local governments in identifying gaps of service, areas of insufficient resources, and opportunities for collaboration that could lead to better outcomes for the women and girls of Hamilton County.

Each year the Commission works to build off the previous year's list of recommendations, while also researching new challenges and opportunities to implement change. In her role, she works with Hamilton County Administration and community stakeholders to implement the recommendations and initiatives proposed by the Commission while continuing to lead the group's ongoing work and community building.

Through the Commission on Women & Girls, Mary engages community members from across the region to learn through thoughtful discussion, research, and collaboration to drive policy changes that build a more equitable and thriving community for Hamilton County and beyond.