Our Department Values

Create a safe environment that is inviting on a national scale for employees and the public to visit and recreate while demonstrating fiscal responsibility for Hamilton County tax payers.

Core Values:

1.)    Integrity

a.      Understand the stakeholders’ lease agreements and apply terms uniformly.

b.      Demonstrate fairness and consistency to employees and other stakeholders.

c.       Be responsible with all taxpayer funding for operations, recording, auditing, and reporting revenues and expenses in a transparent manner.   


2.)    Creativity and Innovation

a.      Be creative with a comprehensive approach to problem resolution to generate effective solutions.  

b.      Collaborate with other departments to learn from their perspectives and experiences.

c.        Don’t settle for the way it has always been done; work smarter and think outside of the box.


3.)    Accountability

a.      Ensure successful operations of public events by sharing responsibility for support and supervision of those weekend/holiday events.

b.      Dedicate non-traditional work hours; willingness to work non-traditional work hours to meet project target dates.

c.       Own your mistakes and work to prevent them in the future.

d.      Ensure all correspondences are appropriately written to be sensitive to the highly visible, public nature of our department’s work and responsibilities.


4.)    Safety

a.       Ensure employee and public safety with a responsible facility maintenance program that eliminates potential hazards.

b.       Ensure employees attend proper safety training and implement practices consistently day to day, never compromising safety for convenience or due to other pressures.

c.       Be attentive and vigilant with contractors in the building, to ensure their behaviors and safety practices are aligned with our training and protocols.


5                5.)  Customer Service

a.      Be the “go to” department for our stakeholders to get results for anything related to parking, PBS, and GABP and beyond.

b.      Provide service in a way that’s courteous, helpful, and professional, responding to requests from internal and external customers in a timely manner.

c.       Proactively schedule, plan, and execute all aspects of events under our control with attentiveness to detail to contribute towards an excellent customer experience.



General Purpose:

        1. Maintain facility structures

2.       2. Budget

a.      Maintain

b.      Revenue Stream

3.      3. Customer Experience

a.      Parking, prior to event

b.      Events at stadiums

c.       Daily Parking

4.      4. National Caliber/Recognition

5.      5. Contribute to Regional /CBD Economics