American Rescue Plan Act Funding

The American Rescue Plan Act, signed into law on March 11, 2021, provides $350 billion in funding to equitably assist Americans who are suffering from the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It includes significant federal resources to support a strong public health response and vaccination strategy, to provide direct assistance to families, and to deliver resources to local governments to use in their own communities.

Hamilton County's ARPA Plan

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Hamilton County Commissioners have been a driving force in ensuring that no tool or resource is left untapped. From creating the 513Relief Bus that brings resources directly to residents, to developing grant programs and forging strong partnerships with community leaders, nonprofits, businesses, and healthcare providers - the commissioners have worked nonstop to "build a strong, resilient, and equitable recovery by making investments that support long-term growth and opportunity" as outlined by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

On July 1, 2021, the Board of County Commissioners approved the strategic uses for Hamilton County's $158.8 million ARPA allocation to maximize benefits particularly in communities suffering disproportionate health and economic impacts.

Funding priorities were placed in four buckets:

ARPA Funding Buckets - Public Health - $15.5M, Addressing Negative Economic Impacts - $88.4M, Premium Pay - $2.4M, Community Infrastructure - $19M, and Revenue Replacement - $32M, and Administrative - $1.5M

ARPA Funding Buckets - Public Health- $15.5M, Addressing Negative Economic Impacts - $88.4M, Premium Pay - $2.4M, Community Infrastructure - $19M, Revenue Replacement - $32M, and Administrative - $1.5M

Hamilton County's Process

The County's plan was based public input (May 25 and May 27, 2021 public hearings) and an approach that included both short-term programming to address urgent economic and health issues and a longer-term process to develop strategies for addressing larger, systemic community problems exacerbated by COVID-19. Stakeholder meetings were held to determine long-term solutions in six key areas:

  • Public Health and Community Resiliency
  • Strengthening Behavioral and Mental Health Programming
  • Affordable Housing and Preservation
  • Homeless Prevention
  • Workforce Development
  • Youth Development

You can read the Ernst and Young report from the stakeholder meeting here.

All ARPA funds must be dedicated to programs by December 31, 2024. Projects must be completed and all funds distributed by December 31, 2026.

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Reports & Other Documents

Hamilton County Commissioners developed as a one-stop resource for all Covid-relief programs. In partnership with Hamilton County Public Health and Hamilton County Job and Family Services (HCJFS), commissioners used a mix of federal funds to fund relief programs as well as the 513Relief bus that provides resources directly to residents using a community-based approach. The 513Relief Bus team travels around the County helping residents access social services, COVID-19 recovery programs, and COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.

Results to Date

513 Relief - 513 Relief Bus image


  • 1582 vaccines administered
  • 702 gift card incentives issued
  • 79 locations served
Community Relief - Schools and School Districts, Arts & Culture Organizations, Local Government Investments, Organizational Support

Community Relief

  • $5.5M for 80 schools and school districts
  • $1.95M for 53 arts & culture organizations
  • $24M for local government investments
  • $6.3M for 79 non-profit organizations
Covid-19 Relief - Covid Tests, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

COVID-19 Relief

  • 66K total COVID-19 tests administered through Test and Protect / Ethos Labs
  • Adding Ethos Labs testing sites within Hamilton County for uninsured individuals, making five total sites funded by County Commissioners
  • 21M pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distributed
Rent, Utility, Mortgage Relief - Mortgage Assistance, CARS Act Rental Assistance, Emergency Rental Assistance (ERAP)

Rent, Utility, Mortgage Relief

  • 11,429 households received Emergency Rental Assistance (ERAP) totaling $39.35 million
  • 3,445 households received CARES Act rental assistance totaling $7 million
  • 257 households received mortgage assistance totaling $655,038
Small Business Relief - Businesses Funded

Small Business Relief

  • $14M in funding provided for 1406 businesses
  • 50% of small businesses funded are minority owned
  • 49% of small businesses funded are women owned
  • 30% of small businesses funded are owned by minority-women